Modern Dog and Cat Products Must Serve and Delight Both Pet and Person

Modern Dog and Cat Products Must Serve and Delight Both Pet and Person
At least as much as the needs of the pet, the needs of pet owners are shaping petcare marketing and R&D. 

$80 Million Spent on Petcare Products and Services

American pet owners are spending more than ever on petcare products and services, to the tune of $80 billion in 2016, and when it comes to caring for pets, time is money. No surprise then that U.S. pet owners are willing to spend big on products that promise to save them time. Products designed to make petcare more efficient are all the rage, the ultimate being those able to lift the petcare burden altogether. From self-cleaning litter boxes to automated feeders and waterers to smart collars with Bluetooth monitoring capabilities, today’s petcare products are increasingly expected to also provide a service

Time Saving Designs are Most Desired by Pet Parents

In proprietary surveys of U.S. pet owners conducted by Packaged Facts, “product will save time/make my life easier” is a top purchase motivator for automated products including litter boxes, feeders, waterers, toys, training devices, pet doors, and many other categories.  At least as much as the needs of the pet, the needs of pet owners are shaping petcare marketing and R&D.  The same can be said for pet owners’ desires. Pretty much across the board of durable petcare categories—and especially for those intersecting with fashion or home décor—pet owners confess to factoring in purchase motivators including “prestige/fashion appeal” and “appearance/style.”

In other words, in today’s market, the emotional needs and aspirations of pet owners are at least as important as that other ubiquitous purchase motivator,” my pet will love it.” As with everything else, when it comes to the pet products they buy, Americans want it all—high quality and good price, form and function, and goods that please pet and person.

Key Pet Market Trends for Toys, Beds, Carriers, Collars, Bowls, Apparel, and Litter Boxes

Homing in on product innovation and consumer preferences, Durable Dog and Cat Petcare Products in the U.S. examines all of these trends, breaking out this $3.7 billion market into seven categories:

  • Toys, including cat scratchers and play furniture, where we’re seeing products adopting human forms, interactive/training toys, self-entertaining toys, revamped plushes, natural/eco-friendly options, and high-tech features.
  • Beds, where durability, ease of cleaning, and comfort combine with trends including innovative designs (think raised edges and tenting), temperature control, portability/travel, fashion/humanization, and natural/eco-friendly.
  • Carriers, crates, and housing, a category in which travel friendliness cannot be overestimated, along with fashion and style, with many pet owners seeking out items that serve as a fashion accessory and/or complete their home décor.
  • Collars, harnesses, leashes (including training products), where pet owners’ interest in product quality and safety are driving the proliferation of items designed to protect pets and their people from injury while making walking ever more convenient and stylish.
  • Bowls, feeders, waterers (manual and automatic) including food storage, where new products are alleviating neck strain, improving digestion, and maximizing comfort and convenience while adding a stylish look to pet owners’ homes.
  • Apparel/fashion accessories, a category previously seasonal in nature is now offering year-round options including a lot more functional gear.
  • Litter boxes and accessories including scoops, mats, waste disposal systems, and litter additives, where performance and convenience are the watchwords and automation and more attractive designs are coming on strong.

Where to Find More Insights

More information on the pet durable market is available in Packaged Facts’ report.

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-- by David Lummis, pet market research analyst