The U.S. Kids' Market

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Published May 1, 2002 | 272 Pages | Pub ID: LA718857

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This completely new Packaged Facts report provides a thorough analysis of the kids market, which includes more than 41 million young American consumers ages 5 to 14. The report begins with a demographic overview that includes an analysis of the evolving family environment of kids and the changing racial and ethnic composition of the kids population. Factors affecting the kids market are evaluated and estimates of market size and growth are provided. The report then presents an analysis of the consumer behavior in the kids market, including a review of the shopping behavior and buying style of families with kids. The media usage habits of kids are evaluated and leading kids-oriented print, television, radio, and Web-based media are described. Marketing, promotional, and advertising strategies employed in the kids market are assessed, and case studies of the strategies of companies focusing on the kids market are presented. Appendices include information about resources available to companies interested in the kids market and examples of advertisements targeting the market.

Marketers focusing on the kids market in the new millennium are faced with unprecedented challenges. Today’s kids are the first generation to be raised entirely with access to the Internet and are highly sophisticated in their assessment of advertising messages. Besides having a significant amount of money to spend on their own, these savvy young consumers play an influential role in determining how family budgets are allocated across a wide range of consumer product and services, including food and beverages, apparel, media and entertainment, consumer electronics, and home furnishings.

Find out what Census 2000 has to say about the changing family environment of kids. Understand the magnitude and complexity of kids buying power. Discover how marketers build lifelong brand loyalty among kids at early ages. Learn why market researchers are trying to segment the kids market in more sophisticated ways.

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