The U.S. Affluent Market

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Published Jan 1, 2002 | 389 Pages | Pub ID: LA428398

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This Packaged Facts report focuses on the "affluent" market, defined as consumers with household income of $100,000+, who currently have an aggregate household income of approximately $2.6 trillion. The number of these affluents has grown exponentially in the past few years, largely as a result of consumers becoming wealthier at a younger age by exercising IT stock options. As marketers scramble to find out how these newly minted affluents want to spend their money, hard data on affluence, financial management, and the effect of the Internet on affluents' habits is more important than ever. This updated report provides key data and analysis regarding this burgeoning new class of consumers, as well as information on more "traditional" affluents: what they like, what they want, and most importantly, where they put their hard-earned wealth. Report includes focus sections on Home, Auto & Electronics, Financial Management, Travel & Leisure, Personal Shopping, and Information Technology, based largely on recent Simmons Market Research Bureau data on U.S. consumer purchasing, ownership, and product usage patterns.
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