Financial Services Offerings Differentiate Walmart from Competitors

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Jul 26, 2018
Rockville (MD), July 26, 2018 — In fiscal (January) 2018, fuel and financial services and related products generated less than 1% of Walmart U.S.’s $318.5 billion in net sales. Assuming financial services and related products comprised 0.5% of sales, they generated $1.6 billion in revenue that year. However, as market research firm Packaged Facts discusses in the new report U.S. Financial Services Market Focus: The Walmart Shopper, revenue Walmart generates directly from financial services and related products tells only part of the story.

Walmart’s financial services and related products play a significant role in driving store traffic and therefore positively impact overall sales. Walmart’s comprehensive financial services offering also strongly differentiates among retailers, providing an additional traffic boost.

Moreover, the revenue Walmart generates from these transactions does not include revenue generated by its partners, among them prepaid card provider Green Dot; money transfer provider MoneyGram; credit card partner Synchrony Financial; and tax services partner Jackson Hewitt who also generates a significant share of its revenue from the 3,000 Jackson Hewitt kiosks located in Walmart stores. Perhaps the most revenue comes from Walmart’s in-store bank branches, which collectively have billions in deposits and generate significant revenue from fees and interest.

The result is a multi-billion-dollar financial services enterprise that plays a vital role in fulfilling millions of consumers’ financial services needs, driving sales of Walmart merchandise and other services in the bargain.

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About the Report

U.S. Financial Services Market Focus: The Walmart Shopper is part of a series of Packaged Facts reports on Walmart Inc., including Walmart U.S. and Sam’s Club. This report assesses Walmart financial services and product initiatives and trends, with a focus on credit cards, prepaid cards, money transfer services, tax services, and mobile engagement. The contributions of major partners (such as prepaid card provider Green Dot, money transfer provider MoneyGram, credit card partner Synchrony Financial, and tax services partner Jackson Hewitt) are also detailed. Analysis is framed by demographic and usage.

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