Marketplace interviews Packaged Facts’ research director about protein consumption

Press Release
Mar 28, 2018
Despite the rise in interest in plant-based or lab-grown protein, actual consumption is very low compared to demand for beef, pork, chicken and turkey. Research shows that when consumers say they are seeking protein, it’s typically animal protein, though they now talk about wanting it “clean,” such as grass-fed, cage-free, or free-range. The other rise in protein consumption is eggs and what people consider as dairy — plant-based products like almond milk or coconut milk.

But the high rate of consumption is also being driven by more traditional fare and by meat showing up in unexpected places, said David Sprinkle, researcher director at Packaged Facts, which studies the food and beverage industries.

“There is a real celebration of meat of all types,” Sprinkle said. “We’ve seen that with the pork craze, pulled pork sandwiches, the bacon craze, we’re seeing bacon in our candy bars.”

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