29% of Adults Use Premoistened Wipes, But Market for Niche Products May Be Limited

Press Release
Jan 10, 2002

New York, January10/PRNewswire – In recent years consumers have been inundated with new wipe products for applications as diverse as facial cleansing, pet care, and floor cleaning. According to The U.S. Market for Pretreated Wipes, Personal and Household Products, the latest report from Packaged Facts now available on MarketResearch.com, the market for pretreated wipes has enjoyed a compound annual growth rate of 24% since 1997, largely due to a plethora of new products developed in that time.

Given the number of largely similar applications and formulations that have hit the wipes market in recent years, The U.S. Market for Pretreated Wipes, Personal and Household Products raises various issues related to the potential for industry consolidation. Unless consumers prove willing to purchase a different variety of wipes for each personal care or household need, companies hoping to enjoy continued success will need to examine the market for the product areas of strongest demand and greatest opportunities for growth.

“The boom in the market for wipe products has been extraordinary,” said Meg Hargreaves, VP of Research Publishing for MarketResearch.com, “and it is obvious that wipes appeal to the public’s interest in portability, ease of use, and cleanliness. However, the staying power of many of these new, niche products has yet to be proven.”

The U.S. Market for Pretreated Wipes, Personal and Household Products provides detailed information about consumer demographics, as well as distribution and marketing trends, sales figures, product development, and emerging retail campaigns. The report also includes historical sales data, as well as market projections through the year 2006.

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