13% of U.S. Households Deemed Affluent, Up From 5% Twenty Years Ago

Press Release
Jan 2, 2002

According to The U.S. Affluent Market, a new market research study published by Packaged Facts and released by MarketResearch.com, the number of affluent American households – defined as those with an income exceeding $100,000 — is growing at a much faster rate than the total number of U.S. households. There are 22% more affluent households in the United States now than there were in 1997, and in spite of the current economic slowdown, the number of affluents should only dip by about 3% in 2001.

As marketers scramble to find out how these growing numbers of affluent Americans want to spend their money, hard data on the demographics of the market and the effect of the Internet on affluents’ habits is more important than ever. The U.S. Affluent Market provides market data and analysis on this consumer demographic, including what they like, what they want, and most importantly, where they spend their hard earned wealth. The report focuses on several markets upon which affluents have a tremendous impact, including the automotive, electronics, financial management, and travel and leisure industries.

The U.S. Affluent Market also provides a demographic overview of the affluent market. This snapshot of the market shows an important shift in the ethnic make up of American affluents. As ethnic groups are steadily edging up their share of affluent households, women also make up a growing percentage of affluents.

“Women and minorities head up a growing number of affluent households,” said Meg Hargreaves, VP of Research Publishing for MarketResearch.com. “The fact that the demographic profile of these decision makers is shifting presents unquestionably powerful ramifications for the marketing efforts directed at this market segment.”

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