MarketLooks: Private Label Credit Cards

Published: November 1, 2004 - 20 Pages

Table of Contents

  1. Market Size and Composition
  2. Factors to Market Growth
  3. Projected Market Growth
  4. The Market Leaders
  5. The Competitive Situation
  6. Marketing Trends
  7. The Consumer
  8. The Consumer
  9. Competitor Profile: Alliance Data Systems Corp.
  10. Competitor Profile: Citi Commerce Solutions (Citigroup, Inc.)
  11. Competitor Profile: GE Consumer Finance (General Electric Co.)


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Title: U.S. Market for Private Label Credit Cards, 4th Edition
Published: November 2004

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The following is the abstract from the full report:
While largely mature, the market for private-label credit cards promises considerable activity at all levels for years to come. Leading retailers such as Sears and Circuit City, once committed to managing their own card programs, have moved en masse to sell their portfolios to third-party issuers like Citi Commerce Solutions and GE Card Services. And as those two financial giants battle for dominance, an assortment of smaller issuers, acquirers, and processors are carving out their own slice of the private-label market. Consumers have staged a slow exodus away from private-label cards in recent years, but new products and marketing tactics are waiting in the wings to—with any luck—reverse that trend.

This Packaged Facts report, The U.S. Market for Private Label Credit Cards, focuses on the $98 billion private-label credit card industry, covering cards issued directly by retailers as well as cards issued by third parties; to a lesser degree, consumer usage of “travel” cards (gas, air, and auto) is discussed in relation to the market overall. The report examines the latest trends in the private-label market—including widespread consolidation among market leaders, retailers’ new fondness for third-party issuers, the impact of co-branding, and new developments in “cardless” cards and so-called consumer-to-consumer credit—placing them in context in the overall credit industry. It also explores the state of private-label card marketing, detailing new application procedures, online marketing, advertising, and trends in tiered and rewards-based card programs. Also included are detailed company profiles of the leading bankcard associations and card issuers (including Citi Commerce Solutions, GE Consumer Finance, Household Retail Services, Inc., and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.), as well as demographic data on private-label credit card holders.

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