Pet Ownership Trends

Over half (56%) of U.S. households keep pets, and dogs are by far the most popular companions. Kept by 40% of households, dog ownership rates have grown exponentially over the past ten years. Coming in second are cats, owned by a quarter of American households. Though kept by a much smaller population of households, birds and fish are other popular pet choices whose ownership rates continue to rise. More pet-owning households means a bigger demand for new, more modern-seeming solutions to cater to pets' needs, and while understanding popular pet choices is important, equally significant to understanding ownership trends are the dynamics displayed by pet-owners. Ethnic background, income, age, and education play roles in the likelihood of pet ownership. These ownership dynamics affect a modernizing market aiming to create innovative and environmentally-conscious products that appeal to a widening population of pet-owners. The reports in this collection analyze these increasingly complex dynamics, providing a vivid picture of trends continuously changing the future of pet ownership in America.

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