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Packaged Facts
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Gourmet Specialty Foods Market

Packaged Facts - Feb, 01, 1996 - LA406

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A $33.7-billion business in America, gourmet and specialty foods obviously appeal to more than an epicurean minority. This Packaged Facts report provides focus chapters on four key areas: coffee/tea, cheese, confectionery, and pasta; also covered are condiments; crackers and snacks; breads, baking mixes, and cereals; rice, grains, and beans; specialty meats and poultry; seafood; produce; dairy products; soups; ethnic specialties; home meal replacements; and beverages. The report profiles a wide array of marketers and retailers who make gourmet and specialty foods happen. It also features historical sales trend data, forecasts through 2000; a thorough discussion of this market's distribution and retail dynamics, and demographic profiles of gourmet food store shoppers.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Products
  3. The Market
  4. The Marketers
  5. Distribution And Retail
  6. The Consumer
  7. Addresses Of Selected Marketers, Government Agencies, And Trade Shows