Prepaid and Gift Cards in the U.S., 6th Edition

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Published Aug 31, 2018 | 159 Pages | Pub ID: LA15558264
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Distinguished by a widening array of products, usage rationales, and end users, prepaid card purchase value growth is expected to outperform broader payments market growth, driven by product diversification, leveraging digital platforms, and improving usage rationales. Pushing beyond traditional underbanked and unbanked segments, general-purpose reloadable prepaid cards are increasingly positioned as accounts targeting those with digital-forward banking needs and as new products targeting growing but underserved niche markets. Gift cards are adapting to digital distribution while enhancing the gift card loyalty proposition (for user and retailer alike). Meanwhile, underlaying retailer mobile payment strategies, private-label reloadable prepaid cards are proliferating. But in a market defined by its diversity, payroll, healthcare, and rewards and incentives solutions are also contributing to growth.

Prepaid and Gift Cards in the U.S., 6th Edition covers trends shaping the prepaid card market. This Packaged Facts report provides industry participants with a wealth of insights to help them navigate this quickly changing and growing market. For the purposes of this report, prepaid cards consist of closed-loop and open-loop (general-purpose) prepaid cards, including consumer general-purpose reloadable, government-administered, payroll, healthcare, rewards and incentives, and gift cards. More specifically, the report:
  • Provides a market size and forecast for the prepaid card market, including general use (open-loop) and private label (closed-loop) prepaid cards, segmented by type. A separate market size is included for government-administered prepaid cards, by type, in addition to a gift card market size by retail segment, usage occasion, and demographic is also included.
  • Identifies and interprets key general-purpose prepaid card metrics, including cardholder usage costs, monthly spend, monthly purchase, ATM withdrawal, reload transactions, length of card ownership, and preferred reload method. The report also identifies the percentage of prepaid cardholders with direct deposit, and then assesses the degree that direct deposit, banked status, age and household income influences these above metrics.
  • Gauges (reloadable and non-reloadable) prepaid card and gift card usage trends during 2014-2018, breaking prepaid card usage down by card network, banked status, bill payment preferences, credit score, and mobile payment method.
  • Studies reasons for choosing general-purpose reloadable prepaid cards, including usage cost, financial management, money transfer preferences, credit and bank account substitution, breadth of acceptance, and reloading method. It also studies reasons for not choosing general-purpose reloadable prepaid cards.
  • Assesses prevalence of general-purpose reloadable prepaid card feature usage, including online and in-store purchases, money movement and payment methods, financial management features, and discounts and rewards.
  • Ranks general-purpose prepaid cards used and used most by card brand and card type.
  • Includes a gift card market size segmented by gift giving, self-gifting and employee receipt; by occasion; by store card retailer type; and by card network.
  • Assesses rationales for giving gift cards to others and to self, as well as reasons for receiving gift cards from employers.
  • Examines gift card purchasing source used and used most, decision-making related to in-store gift card purchases, gift card mobile/e-gift usage and behavior, and dollar share of gift card spending done online versus in-store.
  • Explores prepaid card marketer and issuer strategies, including Blackhawk Network, Bofl Holding, Inc., The Bancorp Bank, Green Dot Corporation, first Data Corporation, FLEETCOR Technologies, InComm Holdings, MetaBank, Netspend, and WEX Inc. Analysis includes competitive positioning, new product introductions, company innovations, and trended performance analysis. Heavy emphasis is placed on add-value proprietary estimates for load value, purchase value, and other metrics otherwise not published by these industry participants.
  • Explores a variety of prepaid card industry challenges and solutions, including regulatory issues, pricing and profit factors, broadening the target audience, product diversification, and digital innovation.

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