U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2015-2016

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Published Apr 10, 2015 | 216 Pages | Pub ID: LA5416196
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U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2015-2016

The past year helped confirm the pet industry as one of the most dynamic parts of the U.S. economy. Even when sales haven’t kept up with the growth of recent years, the industry has managed to attract a slew of investment. The pet industry saw the biggest private equity deal of the year, when a group of investors bought PetSmart and took it private. And while one company focused on human products got out of the pet business (P&G), another got in (J. M. Smucker).

The industry has been a hotbed of innovation, with new products using the latest in technology and being promoted through social media and mobile apps. In fact, this year’s Global Pet Expo saw a record number of new products, exhibit space and attendees.

With this latest edition of our Pet Market Outlook, Packaged Facts delivers all you need to know about the pet industry in one source. This year’s edition includes the latest in market sizing and projections, hot new product trends, developments in marketing and packaging, as well as data from Packaged Facts proprietary Pet Owners Survey. The report has everything you need to know about mergers and acquisitions, retail channel trends, and pet owner demographics, psychographics, and spending habits.


Combining Packaged Facts’ extensive monitoring of the pet market with a proprietary Pet Owner Survey hot off the presses—U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2015-2016 is the go-to source for a complete understanding of the U.S. pet industry. In its 7th edition, the report evaluates current trends and future directions for marketing and retailing, along with consumer patterns across the full spectrum of the market, including veterinary services, pet food, nonfood pet supplies, and non-medical pet services (grooming, boarding, training, etc.).

The report forecasts market size and growth for each category; examines new product activity; surveys retail channel trends including cross-channel shopping vs. shopper loyalty; and analyzes trends and shifts in the needs of today’s pet parents. The report tabulates pet product sales channel by channel, using data from sources including IRI, whose Market Advantage service tracks sales in supermarkets, drugstores, mass merchandisers including Walmart, and select club stores, dollar stores and military commissaries; and SPINS, Inc., whose SPINSscan service tracks sales in the natural supermarket channel and in the specialty gourmet supermarket channel. Supplementing Packaged Facts’ exclusive Pet Owner Survey is an extensive analysis of Simmons’ Fall 2014 National Consumer Study, which is based on approximately 25,000 adult respondents surveyed from October 2013 through November 2014, as well as other years of Simmons surveys. The report contains dozens of numerical tables and charts, as well as numerous photographs of new products, advertising, screen shots and other images across key channels.
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