The U.S. Mom Market, 2nd Edition

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Published Dec 1, 2005 | 150 Pages | Pub ID: LA1087777

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The U.S. Mom Market, 2nd Edition, new Packaged Facts report looks at the most powerful and influential consumer in US Households today … Mom. By looking at demographics, psychographics, marketplace trends and products, the report provides a comprehensive look at marketing to Moms.

The first section of the report provides facts and figures on the overall Mom market with a particular focus births and new parents. Focused mainly on Moms of children up to 5 years old, the years of greatest expenditures by parents, moves quickly from a factual understanding of this dynamic consumer to a broad and varied look at their lifestyles.

Several chapters in the report look at Marketing, particularly the classic marketing P’s: Product, Pricing, Promotion and Placement. Given that brands are becoming much more aware of this market, this report is less of an argument that Moms matter as consumers; it is a focus on how to market them, given that motherhood has truly evolved in the US.

Advertising is explored in great depth, new and popular Mom products are highlighted and examples of brands winning with the segment are included. Finally, the report provides an extremely deep and new-to-the-market look at what really matters to Moms when they consider products and service. Through primary research on product attributes and brand images readers will be able to clearly understand what Motivates a Mom.

Finally, the end of the report (and throughout) focuses on opportunity and provides ideas and initial thoughts to spark innovation and development. Ideas coming from Moms directly on what they’d like to see in the marketplace are detailed as well.

Report Methodology
The information in The U.S. Mom Market Report 2nd Edition is based on both primary and secondary research. Primary research involved 6 waves of both qualitative and quantitative research both in person and online. Secondary research entailed data-gathering from relevant trade, business, and government sources, including company literature.

About the Authors Silver Stork Research is a Mom-focused research company, dedicated to helping clients understand the Mothers of today and tomorrow. We utilize innovative market research techniques to gather actionable insights that enable clients to increase brand relevance, drive market share, and create tangible sales results.

Silver Stork offers client’s multiple opportunities to keep abreast of the Mom/Dad/Family consumer market via traditional research services, custom branded techniques, access to our national panel of 8000+ moms, and market intelligence via various Silver Stork intellectual properties.

What You’ll Get in this Report
This report includes an in-depth look at advertising, media, products and marketing to Moms. Included is also a better understanding of the different segments within the Mom market: working/non-working Moms; First-time and Veteran Moms; Younger and older Moms; etc.

Plus, you’ll benefit from extensive data, presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables and graphs.

How You Will Benefit from this Report
This report will provide the fuel to start marketing to Moms, energize existing marketing to Moms and accelerate brands to the head of the market. For brands either marketing to Moms or considering it, this report includes many observations and strategic insights on new opportunities, new messaging and effective positioning.

This report will help:

  • Marketing Managers identify new market opportunities and new positioning directions
  • Research and development professionals build and create new product ideas
  • Advertising agencies to develop messages and images that matter to Moms
  • Business development executives understand the dynamics of the market and identify possible partnerships.
  • Information and research center librarians provide market researchers, brand and product managers and other colleagues with the vital information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

  • Background
  • Overview
  • Report Scope
  • Methodology
  • Key Insights:
    • The Market
    • Moms Life
    • Advertising to Moms
    • Moms & Products
    • Moms & Brands
Chapter 2: The Market
  • The Market
  • Market Size
    • Figure 2-1 : US Trended Birth Statistics
    • Table 2-1: US Trended Birth Statistics

  • Age
    • Figure 2-2 : Total Birth Rates 2004
    • Table 2-2 First Births By Age
    • Table 2-3 : Births By Generation

  • Ethnicity:
    • Table 2-4 : US Births By Ethnicity
    • Table 2-5 : Average Age of Birth By Ethnicity
    • Figure 2-3 : Birth Population By Ethnicity
    • Table 2-6 : Births, Birth Rates and Fertility Rates by Hispanic Origin of Mother

  • Regions
  • Single Moms:
    • Table 2-7 : Trended Single Mom Birth Rates by Age
    • Figure 2-4 : Tended Single Mother Births by Ethnicity

  • Education:
    • Table 2- 8: Births & Education by Ethnicity

  • Work Status
    • Table 2-9 : Employment Status 2004

  • Family Size & Child Care
    • Table 2-10 2003 Births By Birth Order
    • Table 2- 11 US Population Pyramid for 2005

  • Misc. Birth Facts:
    • Table 2-12: Mom Market Cheat Sheet

Chapter 3: Moms Life

  • Moms Life
  • Moms & Work Choices
    • Table 3-1 : Desired Employment Changes
    • Table 3-2 : Mom Comparison
    • Figure 3-1 : How Moms Want To Work
    • Figure 3-2 : The Daddy Bonus vs. The Mommy Penalty

  • How Motherhood Changes a Woman
    • Table 3-3 Differences Between Females With and Without Children
    • Figure 3-3 : Trended Mom Characteristics

  • Taking Care Of Baby
    • Figure 3-4 : How Do Moms Plan To Feed

CHAPTER 4: Moms & Media

  • Moms & Media Overall
    • Figure 4-1 : New Product Information Sources
    • Figure 4-2 : Advertising Vehicles Moms Trust Most
    • Table 4-1: Prime Source of Entertainment
    • Table 4-2: Prime Source of Information

  • Magazines
    • Table 4-3: Top Parenting Magazines by Circulation
    • Table 4-4: Gross Rating Points of Top 25 Mags vs. Prime-Time TV

  • The Internet
    • Table 4-3 Online Activity Last 30 Days
    • Table 4-4: Online Activity Last 30 Days (Women with & without kids)
    • Table 4-5: Attitudes/Actions With Internet
    • Figure 4-5: Top Sites Visited Last 30 Days

  • Television
    • Figure 4-6: TV Viewing by Time of Day
    • Figure 4-7: TV Viewing by Program Length
    • Figure 4-8: What Moms are Watching vs. Women
    • Table 4-6a: Moms & Cable Television
    • Table 4-6b Preferred Programming
    • Table 4-7: TV Newtorks & Moms
    • Table 4-8: Winning Programs With Moms (vs. All Women)

Chapter 5: Advertising To Moms

  • Advertising (Overview)
    • Figure 5-1: Moms On Advertising (Statements)

  • Advertising Vehicles
    • Table 5-1: Internet Advertising Tool Effectiveness
    • Figure 5-2: Ranking of Vehicles for New Product News
    • Figure 5-3: Vehicles for New Product Referral

  • Advertising Content
    • Silver Stork Advertising Awards
      • MasterCard
      • Stayfree
      • Johnson & Johnson
      • Cheerios
      • Honorable Mention: Nissan 2004 Quest

  • New Tools
    • Figure 5-4: Most Important In A Website Financial management

Chapter 6: Brands

  • Overview
    • Figure 6-1: Importance of Brand Aspects (Moms vs. Non-Moms)

  • Mom Stage Differences
    • Figure 6-2: Importance of Brand Aspects (Working vs. Stay Home Moms)
    • Figure 6-3: Importance of Brand Aspects (New vs Veteran Moms)
    • Table 6-1: Brand Aspect Ratings

  • Shopping For Brands
    • Figure 6-4: Brand Shopping
    • Figure 6-5: Brand Changing

  • Brand Playing Field
    • Table 6-2: Brands Moms Trust

  • Brand Relationships
  • Brand Evolution
    • Avent
    • Carters
    • Campbell’s Soup

CHAPTER 7: Products

  • Product Attributes
  • Key Product Attributes
    • Table 7-1: Importance of ‘Better Quality’
    • Figure 7-1: Attribute Ratings By Segment
    • Table 7-2: Attribute Importance Ratings

  • Attribute Analysis
    • Table 7-3: Attribute Rating By Segments
    • Table 7-4: Attribute Rating By Segments (Inde )
    • Table 7-5: Attribute Rating By Segments (Top 2 Bo )
    • Figure 7-2: Attribute Rating New Moms vs. Veteran Moms
    • Figure 7-3: Attribute Rating Working vs. Non Working Moms
    • Figure 7-4: Attribute Rating Gen Y& vs. Boomer Moms
    • Figure 7-5: Mean Attribute Ratings By Work Status

  • Mom Product Awards
    • 10 Silver Stork Award Winners

  • Ideas & Opportunities
    • 4 Themes

  • Hot Products
    • Buggaboo Stroller
    • Whole Foods
    • Kraft Mac & Cheese
    • Healthy Mom by Ensure
    • 4D Ultrasound Imaging
    • Elite Brands Transforming Market

Chapter 8: Trends To Watch

  • Evolving Role of Dad
    • Table 8-1: Dad Activity Participation

  • International Brand Influence
  • Baby Bloomers
  • Shoulder Opportunities
    • Back To Basics Play


  • Product Attribute Ratings By Segments
    • Product Ideas: Verbatim Responses From Moms