Digital Payments in the U.S.: Consumer Usage, Wallets, and P2P

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Published Jan 30, 2018 | 88 Pages | Pub ID: LA15476364
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Digital Payments in the U.S.: Consumer Usage, Wallets, and P2P

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Driven by mobile app purchases, mobile P2P, and mobile bill payment, digital payments are increasingly mobile in nature. But while mobile purchases are speeding forward, in-store and remote payments trends tell different stories. Packaged Facts estimates that in 2018, some 67% of mobile wallet purchases will be made remotely versus in person. Less than a quarter of adults express interest in a service allowing them to use their cell phones to make purchases in a store. And yet, among in-store mobile purchasers, mobile apps reign, thanks in part to PayPal’s industry-leading digital wallet, which is not only now a mainstream product but one many consumers turn to most when navigating mobile payment choices.

Packaged Facts’ Digital Payments in the U.S.: Consumer Usage, Wallets, and P2P gives industry participants the insight they need to stay abreast of digital payments trends, including digital purchasing, digital payment preferences, digital wallets, and digital P2P. The report does the following:
  • provides a market size and forecast through 2020 for electronic payments, remote payments and mobile wallet purchases
  • trends online and mobile purchasing behavior, as well as in-store purchasing by retail category, over time
  • trends and forecasts smartphone and non-smartphone ownership and digital commerce through 2020
  • tends consumer mobile usage preference, mobile access, mobile payments, and interest in in-store mobile payments over time
  • analyzes mobile behaviors via custom segmentation groups
  • analyzes online payment method preferences, online and mobile checkout preferences, bill payment trends,
  • assesses mobile payment usage by type and by channel (i.e. in-store vs. remote)
  • assesses mobile wallet usage and funding method, as well as why consumers do not use mobile wallets
  • assesses P2P and money transfer usage and methods in aggregate, online and mobile

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