Mobile Payments in the U.S., 5th Edition

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Published Feb 2, 2016 | 102 Pages | Pub ID: LA5866885

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Mobile Payments in the U.S., 5th Edition

In a world gone mobile, consumer payment preferences and financial services solutions are shifting rapidly to reshape the consumer purchase experience and shake up the competitive landscape. As consumer interest and usage begins to ramp up, mobile point-of-sale payment winners are beginning to emerge, presenting opportunities and challenges for retailers keen to drive customer loyalty and control payments costs and a mix of Old Guard and Young Turk payments providers keen to protect and grow their revenue streams. Growth is not driven by payments in a vacuum; rather, payments solutions are connecting more of the dots (payments, social media, loyalty/rewards, etc.) and doing so more seamlessly, giving consumers more convincing reasons to engage with mobile. But in a world moving to mobile and digital wallets, what handful of mobile solutions will eventually rise to the top? Will retailer momentum translate to payments cost control? In a virtual world, what role does the “card” still play?

Packaged Facts’ Mobile & Alternative Payments in the U.S. gives industry participants the insight they need to stay abreast of mobile payments trends, including mobile point-of-sale payments, mobile P2P and mobile commerce.

Mobile Payments in the U.S. Does The Following:

Explores mobile payment market trends, including tokenization, loyalty/rewards to omni-channel migration, EMV, payment agnostic solutions, and mobile P2P monetization. This includes:
  • Mobile payment usage trends by demographic in three segments: mobile commerce, mobile person-to-person payments, and mobile point-of-sale payments.
  • Online and mobile payment preference trends (i.e. credit card, PayPal, Visa Checkout, etc.), including direct card entry on website versus wallet options.
  • Mobile payment types, ranging from paying bills to making online purchases to P2P and international remittances.
  • Mobile bill payment preference trends, compared against other methods.
  • Domestic and international money transfer trending, by type of service
  • Mobile P2P services used, with analysis of marketplace leaders
  • Trended interest in mobile payments at POS and mobile POS payment services used
Analyzes leading mobile/digital wallet payments solutions, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and PayPal; and including retailer mobile payments solutions such as Starbucks. These include demographic analysis of numerous features and benefits beyond payments; and payment/revenue metrics.

Analyzes factors shaping merchant-driven mobile payment models and competitive threats and solutions for card issuers and networks; mobile payments’ effect on card ownership and usage; and factors influencing specific card choice when making mobile POS payment. 

Provides a U.S. market size and forecast for point-of-sale mobile payments.
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