Men's Grooming Products: A Global Analysis

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Published Nov 1, 2009 | 305 Pages | Pub ID: LA2293646

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Male-specific body wash, deodorant, hair gel, shaving cream, razors, moisturizer, etc., constitute one of those markets that now outpace the overall beauty/grooming retail markets in many countries of the world, despite economic recession. Valued at $19.7 billion worldwide in 2009, male-specific grooming products will mushroom to $28.0 billion by 2014. And one must not forget that men also use grooming products that are non-male-specific - which raises the total value of male consumption to a colossal $61.3 billion in 2009, with $84.9 billion expected within five years. From either perspective, more is being spent on men’s grooming, thanks to the ongoing rise of middle-class sectors; the enhanced connectivity of even the poorest corners of the world, via the Internet; marketers’ more sophisticated appeals to men; and the universality of prestige and natural food/HBC channels, across hundreds of international borders… The potential is staggering - executives who consult this new Packaged Facts report will discover the best way for their companies to tap unmined men’s grooming dollars in the United States and Canada, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and other countries and regions. As usual, Packaged Facts’ in-depth analysis is backed up by historical and future sales figures; by Experian Simmons demographic data; and by a clear format that makes the report a true “ready reference.” Also included are detailed competitive profiles of Beiersdorf/Nivea, Colomer/American Crew, Johnson & Johnson/Neutrogena, Kao/Biore, P & G/Gillette, and several others.

There has never been a better time to enter the men’s grooming market in multiple countries.

Read an excerpt from this report below.

Report Methodology

Men’s Grooming Products: A Global Analysis is based on information gathered from primary, secondary, and syndicated sources. Primary research involves on-site study of how such products are sold through retail stores, as well as through direct means - the Internet, for example. Packaged Facts also consults with industry executives based around the world. Secondary research involves the evaluation and comparison of data from mountains of articles found in financial, marketing, and retail publications, as well as on corresponding types of websites. Company literature, government agencies, and other sources also provide valuable secondary data.

Stats on market revenues and growth trends derive from all available data, whether quantitative or qualitative, on the men’s grooming marketplace; that is to say, a broad range of societal and economic trends are factored in, to help shape the most accurate possible view of sales progress. Information about many international product introductions is provided by Product Launch Analytics, a service of Datamonitor. As noted above, extensive demographic data is provided by Experian Simmons.

The Bottom Line: What Your Company Really Gets...

With Men’s Grooming Products: A Global Analysis, you and your team will gain a comprehensive overview of the ins and outs of selling such products all over Planet Earth. Most importantly, the report anchors men’s grooming in the broader HBC and societal contexts, as well as in the rapidly transforming retail scene. Such valuable qualitative perspective is supported by hard data presented in well-organized tables and charts.

How Your Company Will Benefit from This Report...

If your company is already an established player in beauty or grooming products, this report is bound to freshen and strengthen your marketing plan. If your company is newly targeting the men’s grooming product consumer, then this report is a great intro to the international marketplace, and thus a launching pad for a successful venture.

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