Meat, Poultry and Seafood: Restaurant Trends and Opportunities

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Published Jun 2, 2016 | 119 Pages | Pub ID: LA5916748
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Meat, Poultry and Seafood: Restaurant Trends and Opportunities

Restaurants can whet consumers’ appetites for meat, poultry and seafood by harnessing a plethora of themes when developing menus and marketing strategies. Meat and poultry innovation hits broad swaths of restaurant menu: for example, less conventional proteins are being used to tap the all-day breakfast opportunity as well as appeal to consumer desire for premium ingredients, healthy, and interesting food experiences; while in the burger/sandwich category, themes of quality, gourmet influence and interesting flavor emerge. More broadly, consumers’ desire for meat authenticity and food safety intermix with organic and natural trends to create a potent incentive for menu trial.

These insights and many more are found in Meat, Poultry & Seafood: Restaurant Trends and Opportunities, helping food and foodservice industry participants add value to their meat and poultry strategies.

This report focuses on five key aspects of restaurant menus: breakfast, burgers and sandwiches, entrées, seafood and international cuisine. In each case, the report trends and analyzes proteins on areas of the menu, and then looks closer at those trends to discover supporting themes influencing menu innovation, paying particular attention to menu items and limited-time offers. In each case, an-depth profiles of major restaurant operators are included, analyzing operator menu development according to topic area and supporting themes, as well as relationships between usage frequency and fast food and full-service restaurant spend, interest in organic and natural, and meat alternatives, and health and diet. The report also:
  • Provides an overview of meat and poultry usage trends, including per capita consumption trends and household usage trends. Usage is framed overall, as well as for at-home and at restaurants.
  • Trends meat and poultry prices at retail and restaurants.
  • Studies the growing meat alternatives trend and frames how to stimulate consumer interest in new meat and poultry experiences.
  • Trends and analyzes consumer attitudes toward health and diet, and ties discussion to consumer concern about restaurant meat and poultry food safety.
  • Assesses how food transparency issues shape consumer meat and poultry menu choice, trends the upswing in organic and natural meat and poultry, and explores the multi-dimensional rationales that lie behind interest organic and natural meat & poultry.
  • Views consumers’ perceptions of meat and poultry quality within global context, framing discussion by trending interest in local foods and showing how the origin of meat and poultry greatly influences consumers’ perceptions about quality.
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