Food Formulation Trends: Ancient Grains and Sprouted Ingredients

Aug 28, 2015
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Food Formulation Trends: Ancient Grains and Sprouted Ingredients

While ancient grains have been popular for several years, Packaged Facts proprietary consumer research shows that quinoa continues to be the one most purchased by U.S. adults. Despite recent speculation, quinoa fatigue has not set in, and lesser known ancient grains are selling more at retail and they are also being used more in formulated products. SPINS Trendwatch reported dollar sales growth of specific ancient grains for the 52 weeks ending July 13, 2014 as +686% for Kamut®, +363% for spelt, +159% for freekeh, +123% for amaranth, +58% for teff, +39% for farro and +35% for quinoa. This is happening as ancient grains move from the natural and organic channel into conventional supermarkets and mass merchandise stores. Quinoa’s popularity continues to spread across the supermarket as it finds its way into a growing number of product categories that include everything from beverages to chocolate bars.

Menu items containing quinoa and other ancient grains are also more readily found in casual restaurant and bakery café chains. Ancient Grains, Whole Grains in Kids’ Meals and Gluten-Free were among the top 20 trends noted in the fall 2014 National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot in 2015 survey conducted among nearly 1,300 chefs. Top trends among starches and side items were Non-wheat Noodles and Pasta (#1), Ancient Grains (#2) and Quinoa (#3).

More readily sourced and generally less expensive ancient grains, such as sorghum and barley, are increasingly becoming the workhorses behind “ancient grain” labels, in products typically based on conventional oats, corn or rice. There is also a strong association between ancient grains and whole grains and the use of gluten-free ancient grain ingredients and gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan retail product claims. Sharing the limelight with ancient grains for consumer attention are sprouted grains, seeds and nuts, promising ease of digestibility and enhanced nutritional value in terms of protein, amino acids and micronutrients. Sprouted seeds and nuts offer the advantage of being gluten-free. However to a large extent, much of the current interest in sprouting is related to both modern and ancient wheat varieties, with improved digestibility the primary focus. For wheat growers and processors, consumer interest in sprouted wheat could help bolster sagging retail demand for wheat products shunned by the growing number of non-celiac consumers avoiding gluten or carbohydrates altogether.

Scope of Report

This report takes an in-depth look into the latest ancient grain and sprouted ingredient trends at retail with a peek at foodservice to guide innovation efforts by food processors and foodservice operators and to help them better anticipate competitive moves. Food Formulation Trends: Ancient Grains and Sprouted Ingredients provides extensive discussion of individual ancient grain ingredients separated into those containing gluten and those considered gluten-free. Coverage includes grain history, production and supply, taste and textural attributes, nutrition, and retail presence. Foodservice highlights and insights associated with recent retail product launches containing ancient grains, described by category, as individual ingredients or blends, are presented. Sprouted ingredient sources and product launches are reviewed by company and category. Findings from Packaged Facts proprietary consumer survey indicating purchase rates of specific ancient grains are included.

Report Methodology

The information in this report was obtained from both primary and secondary research. Consumer data were derived from a Packaged Facts national online consumer survey conducted in April 2015 with a panel of 2,000 U.S. adults (age 18+) balanced to the national population on the primary demographic measures of gender, age range, ethnicity, geographic region, marital status, presence or absence of children in the household and household income. Numerous retailers were visited and industry leaders representing ingredient companies, retail product marketers and trade associations were interviewed or otherwise consulted specifically in conjunction with this report. A wide range of secondary sources was also leveraged including company and product websites, industry reports, videos embedded in websites, presentations obtained from seminars, workshops and conferences, trade publications, business newspapers and magazines, consumer blogs, financial blogs, social media, annual reports, 10Ks and press releases.

Who Will Benefit From This Report

Retail Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Marketers, especially those manufacturing products in the following categories (and any others that traditionally use grain or already contain ancient grains)
  • Grains/Flour
  • Bread
  • Cereal & Granola
  • Baking Mixes
  • Bars
  • Popped & Extruded Snacks
  • Crackers
  • Snack Chips
  • Dinner Mixes
  • Side Dishes
  • Meat Alternatives
  • Gluten-Free Foods
  • Vegan Foods

Food and Beverage Retailers

Ingredient Companies, especially those supplying:
  • Ancient Grains
  • Sprouted Ingredients
  • Plant Protein Ingredients
  • Gluten-Free Ingredients
  • Whole Grains
Private Label Marketing Firms

Advertising Agencies

Investment Banks

Benefits of This Report Include
  • Review of individual ancient grains as ingredients including their history, production, nutritional attributes and single ingredient retail products containing them
  • Overview of sprouted ingredient types, processing, supply and use in retail products
  • In-depth analysis of specific ancient grain usage in recent retail product launches by category
  • Identification of product positioning and claims associated with retail products containing ancient grains and sprouted ingredients
  • Packaged Facts predictions for opportunities associated with ancient grains and sprouted ingredients
Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Ancient Grains
Table 1-1 Ancient Grain Ingredients by Botanical Plant Source & Presence of Gluten
Heirloom Grains
Super Grains
Whole Grains
Figure 1-1 Whole Grains Council Basic and 100% Whole Grain Stamps
Sprouted Grains
Report Methodology
Key Drivers
Compelling Stories Resonate with Consumers
Consumers Encouraged to Eat More Whole Grains
Growing Anti-Carbohydrate Movement
Growth of Gluten-Free
Ancient Grains Positioned as Superfoods
Growing Interest in Non-GMO and Promoting Biodiversity
Introducing Variety
Snack Food Innovation
Ancient Grains Overview
Innovating with Ancient Grains
Consumers and Ancient Grains
Ancient Wheat Varieties Growing in Popularity
Barley’s Ancient Grain Status: Newly Emerging
Gluten-Free Ancient Grains: All the More Compelling
Sprouted Ingredients Overview
Chapter 2: Ancient Grains Containing Gluten
Table 2-1 Ancient Grain Purchasing Rates in Last 30 Days (U.S. adult consumers)
Ancient Wheat Varieties
Khorasan and Kamut® Move into the Mainstream
Kamut® Trademarked Wheat
Kamut® Better Tolerated in Cases of Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivities
Production and Supply of Khorasan
Kamut Khorasan Retail Presence Grows: Becoming a Household Name
Khorasan Grain and Flour at Retail
Kamut® Brand Khorasan Grain Cobranded with Target Simply Balanced
Kashi + Target = “Kamut for the masses!”
Kamut Flake & Puff Cereals – More History with Organic & Natural Consumers
Kamut and Khorasan Get Top Billing in Ready-to-Eat Cold Breakfast
Farro: Emmer, Einkorn and Spelt
Einkorn Gaining in Popularity
Nutritional Attributes: Einkorn Better Tolerated by Those Sensitive to Gluten
Production, Supply and Retailing of Einkorn
Jovial Foods Claims to be the World’s Largest Einkorn Grower - in Italy
Jovial Foods Sells Einkorn Wheat and Products Marketed as Easier to Digest
Illustration 2-1 Jovial 100% Organic Einkorn Whole Wheat Pasta
Illustration 2-2 Jovial Organic Sourdough Einkorn Sea Salt Crackers
Einkorn Culinary Vacations
North American Sources of Einkorn
Bluebird Grain Farms Offers Einka® Grain, Flour and Value-Added Foods
Bluebird Grain Farms Grows Both Einkorn and Emmer
Farro Piccolo
Nutritional Attributes of Emmer
Bluebird Grain Farms Emmer Products
Illustration 2-3 Bluebird Grain Farms Whole Grain Emmer Farro
Nutritional Attributes of Spelt
Formulating with Spelt
Production, Supply and Retailing of Spelt
Cereal and Pasta Products Featuring Spelt
Illustration 2-4 Target Corporation Simply Balanced Organic Spelt Fusilli
Red Fife Reintroduced to Canada, Spreading to the USA
Red Fife Featured in Cereal and Snacks
Retail Products Featuring Freekeh
Illustration 2-5 Freekeh Foods Organic Freekeh Roasted Green Wheat Cracked Whole Grains
Barley: The Unrecognized Ancient Grain
Nutrition & Health Aspects of Barley
Not Gluten Free, but Less Than Wheat
Promoting Consumer Awareness & Use of Barley
Production and Supply
Food Uses and Applications for Barley
Barley Grain and Flour
Table 2-2 Key Attributes of Organic Hulled and Organic Hulless Barley
Cereal Products Featuring Whole Grain Barley
Chapter 3: Gluten-Free Ancient Grains
Gluten-Free Label Claims Now Have Meaning
Amaranth: From Ancient Grain to Functional Food
Amaranth Offers High Quality Protein and a Wealth of Minerals
Amaranth Health Benefits Address Heart, Cancer and Blood Sugar
Production and Supply
Taste Attributes, Product Applications & Retailing
Buckwheat: Beyond Pancakes and Noodles
Production and Supply
Buckwheat Foods: Traditional Foods Leveraged for Today’s Diets
Bob’s Red Mill
Arrowhead Mills
King Arthur Flour
Minn-Dak Growers, Ltd.
The Birkett Mills
Shiloh Farms
Nature’s Path
Nutritional Contributions and Health Benefits of Buckwheat
Sensory Characteristics and Food Product Applications with Buckwheat
Soba Noodles
Kaniwa, Baby Quinoa, Shares Bigger Grain’s Appeal
Millet: The Eco-Friendly Grain with an Image Problem
Production and Supply
The Ecological Benefits of Millet
Nutrient Composition of Millet
Sensory Characteristics and Food Product Applications with Millet
Health Benefits of Millet
Millet Foods: Expanding Consumer Awareness, Trial and Availability
Quinoa: Ahead of the Pack
Nutritional Powerhouse
Production and Supply
Promoting Biodiversity While Addressing World Hunger
Stepping Up Production in the Andes
Challenges of Producing Quinoa Beyond the Andes Region
Canadian Quinoa Production
The Andes Climate & Geography are Ideal for Quinoa
Need For Sustainable and Socially Responsible Quinoa Supply
Andean Naturals Works to Achieve Native Market Sustainability
Bolivia and USA to Draft International Quinoa Standard
Quinoa Grain Offerings at Retail Proliferate
Quinoa at Forefront of Value Added Convenience and Flavor Combinations
Sorghum: Plentiful in U.S., Popped Adds Appeal
Production and Supply
Hull-less, Slowly Digested Sorghum Offers Numerous Benefits
Sensory Attributes of Sorghum and Product Applications
Popular Sorghum Products: Grains, Flours and Popped as Snack Food
Popped Sorghum – “New” Snack Sensation?
Illustration 3-1 Mini Pops Air Popped Sorghum Grain
Impressive Amounts of Complex Carbohydrates, Fiber, B Vitamins & More
Health Benefits of Sorghum
Teff: Following in Quinoa’s Footsteps?
Production and Supply
Not Just a Staple: Teff has Cultural Significance in Africa
Growing Interest In and Availability of Teff in the United States
Catering to African Communities in the United States
Chapter 4: Innovating with Ancient Grains
Breakfast and Snacking Occasions Leverage Ancient Grains
Ancient Grains Increase Plant Protein Options; Good for Vegans & Vegetarians
Ancient Grains Facilitate Shorter, Simpler, Cleaner Labels
Ancient Grains Support Whole Grain and Gluten-Free Claims
Popularity of Ancient Grains Evident Across Categories
A Perfect Fit: Target’s Simply Balanced Brand & Ancient Grains
Table 4-1 Target Corporation 2015 Simply Balanced Brand Items with Ancient Grains
Cereal & Granola Accommodate a Broad Range of Ancient Grains
Cheerios + Ancient Grains Claims to be First Mainstream Ancient Grains Cereal
Illustration 4-1 General Mills Cheerios + Ancient Grains
One Degree Organics Offers Cereals with Sprouted & Traceable
Ancient Grains
Granolas Boost Protein and Fiber with Ancient Grains
Nature’s Path – Kirkland Cobranded Ancient Grains Granola at Costco
Cascadian Farm Ancient Grains Granola Includes Quinoa, Spelt & Kamut
Kellogg’s Hot Cereal Highlights Quinoa (but not Barley)
Quaker Bets Big on Quinoa: Included in Name and Product
Illustration 4-3 Quaker Quinoa Granola Bars
Breads Feature Ancient Grains Individually and as Blends
Ancient Grains Named in Pepperidge Farm Bread
Rudi’s Organic Bakery – A Pioneer of Ancient Grains
Table 4-2 Rudi’s Organic Bakery Breads Containing Ancient Grain Ingredients
Table 4-3 Rudi’s Organic Bakery Specialty Products Containing Ancient
Grain Ingredients
Ancient Wheats Featured in Breads from One Degree Organic Foods
Ancient Grains in Crackers and Chips Lend More Variety and Nutrients
Target’s Simply Balanced Brand Includes Ancient Grain Crackers
Canadian Popped Supergrain Snacks
Ancient Wheat Positioned as Healthier in Baking Mixes
Ancient Grains Boost Interest & Nutrition in Side Dishes & Dinner Mixes . 108
Annie’s Organic 5-Grain Elbows & White Cheddar Leverages Ancient Grains
Urbane Grain: Indulgent, Restaurant Quality Spin on Ancient Grains
Illustration 4-4 Urbane Grain Ancient Grain 3 Minute Meal
Illustration 4-5 Urbane Grain Whole Grain Quinoa Blend Side Dish
Quinoa Entrée Salad Targets Vegans, but is it Moving Mainstream?
Ancient Grains + Dairy = Breakfast
Yogurt Makers Leverage Ancient Grains & Seeds
Doubly Appealing: Gluten-Free Made Possible with Ancient Grains
Gluten-Free Cereal, Granola & Muesli Feature Ancient Grains
Special K Gluten Free Includes Sorghum
Purely Elizabeth Gluten Free Cereals Include Amaranth & Millet Puffs
Illustration 4-6 Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola + Puffs Cereal
Chia Seeds Drive Superfoods Trio for Long Lasting Energy
Nature’s Path Organic Oatmeal
Gluten-Free Snack Bars Feature Ancient Grains
Pure Adds New Flavor Variety of Ancient Grains Bars
Kind Health Grains Bars Feature Popped Sorghum
Illustration 4-7 Kind Healthy Grains Popped Granola Bar
Ancient Grains Expand Popped & Puffed Gluten-Free Snacks
Ancient Grains Featured in Boomchickabites and Boomchickapuff
Illustration 4-8 Angie’s Artisan Treats Boomchickabites
Illustration 4-9 Angie’s Artisan Treats Boomchickapuff
Gluten-Free Crackers & Chips Highlight Ancient Grains
Snyder’s-Lance Launches Gluten-Free Ancient Grains Tortilla Snacks
Illustration 4-10 Snyder’s-Lance Cape Cod Tortilla Dipping Shells Ancient Grain
Crunchmaster Features Ancient Grains For Gluten Free & Whole Grain
Enjoy Life Foods Delivers Allergy-Free Plant Protein with Ancient Grains
Illustration 4-11 Enjoy Life Brownie Mix with Ancient Grains
Table 4-4 Ancient Grains & Related Ingredients in Enjoy Life Foods Baking Mixes
Krusteaz Gluten-Free Mixes Rely on Sorghum & Millet, but Don’t Flaunt It
Millet & Chia in Purely Elizabeth Gluten Free Cookie Mixes
Gluten-Free Burritos and Veggie Burgers
Illustration 4-12 Qrunch Foods Qrunch Quinoa Burgers
Ancient Grain Ingredients Foster Innovation
Andean Naturals Fair Trade Quinoa Ingredients and Products
Quinoa Protein Concentrate on the Horizon
Glanbia Nutritionals Launches “Next Generation” Ancient Grains
Bay State Milling
Table 4-2 Bay State Milling Ancient Grain Product Portfolio
5th Generation Seed, LLC
Ardent Mills Ancient Grains and Sustagrain® Barley
Ancient Grains Portfolio: Gluten Free and Allergen Free
Gluten Free Multigrain Blends and Custom Blends with Ancient Grains
Sustagrain® Barley Stands Alone
Bunge North America – Not All About Oil
SK Food International
FutureCeuticals: Ancient Grains with USDA Patented Technology
Quinoasure®: Quinoa with Enhanced Functional and Nutritional Properties .. 133
Great River Organic Milling: Ancient Grains for Commercial Customers
Chapter 5: Sprouted Ingredients Head Mainstream
Sprouting Needs Active Marketing
Benefits of Sprouting
Sprouting Process: Art or Science?
Sprouted Grains & Health
Industrial Sprouted Grain Ingredients
Ardent Mills Identifies Performance & Formulation Benefits of Sprouting
BeneGrain Sprouted Wheat & Rice Flours Launched by Bay State Milling
Gabiotein Sprouted Rice Protein from AIDP
To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company (TYH)
FutureCeuticals Precision Sprout Ingredients Tailored for Functional Foods . 140
Table 5-1 FutureCeuticals SproutGarden® Sprouted Vegetable, Legume & Grain Powders
Retail Sprouted Grains and Other Sprouted Ingredients
Sprouted Einkorn Flour
One Degree Organics Promotes Sprouted Veganic Flours
Shiloh Farms Sprouted Grain and Legume Flours
Table 5-2 Shiloh Farms Sprouted Organic Wheat Flours
Table 5-3 Shiloh Farms PureLiving® Sprouted Organic Non-Wheat Grain & Seed Flours
Table 5-3 [cont’] Shiloh Farms PureLiving® Sprouted Organic Non-Wheat
Grain & Seed Flours
Table 5-4 Shiloh Farms PureLiving® Sprouted Organic Legume Flours
Arrowhead Mills Sprouted Flours and Pancake Mix
To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company: Sprouted Ingredients Beyond Grains
Table 5-5 To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company Retail Sprouted Ingredients Sold Online All Marketed as Organic Except When Otherwise Indicated
Formulating with Sprouted Ingredients
Companies Committed to Sprouting
Living Intentions, LLC: Recognizing the Value of Sprouted Ingredients
Table 5-6 Living Intentions Gone Nuts! Raw & Sprouted Nut Blends
Table 5-7 Living Intentions Superfood Cereal: Sprouted Ingredients by Variety
Table 5-8 Living Intentions Sprouted Trail Mix: Super Fruit, Nut & Seed Blends
Two Moms in the Raw
Essential Eating Sprouted Foods
Retail Categories & Brands With Sprouted Ingredients
Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted Bread Rises in Popularity
Illustration 5-1 Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted Seven-Grain Bread
Sprouted For Life: Sprouted Ingredients in Vegan, Gluten-Free Bread
Illustration 5-2 Food For Life, Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3
Seed Bread
One Degree Organics Bread Features Sprouted Veganic Ancient Wheat
Shiloh Farms Sprouted Breads – A 70+ Year Tradition
Illustration 5-3 Kashi Organic Promise Sprouted Grains Cereal
Arrowhead Mills Offers a Range of Sprouted Cereals and Granola
One Degree Organics Expands Line of Sprouted Grain Cereals
Table 5-9 One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Grain Cereals Launched in 2013
Non-Dairy Milk Beverages
Illustration 5-4 Sprouted Rice Dream Organic Non-Dairy Beverage
Salty Snacks
Simply Sprouted Way Better Snacks Emphasize Health & Nutrition
Illustration 5-5 Simply Sprouted Way Better Snacks Heritage Grains Pita-ahh Chips
Shiloh Farms Whole Wheat Pretzels with Sprouted Whole Wheat
Sprouted Side Dishes and Grain Products
Illustration 5-6 Simply Balanced Sprouted Brown Rice
Illustration 5-7 Better4U Foods Gluten Free Sprouted Ancient Grains Thin Crust Pizza
Chapter 6: Consumer Purchases of Ancient Grains and Sprouted
Overall Patterns
Figure 6-1 Consumer Usage Rates for Ancient Grains and Sprouted Ingredients: Grocery vs. Menu Items, 2015 (U.S. adults)
Patterns by Type of Ancient Grain
Table 6-1 Consumer Usage Rates for Ancient Grains: By Type, 2015 (U.S. adults)
Purchasing Patterns by Product Types Featuring Ancient Grains
Table 6-2 Consumer Purchasing Rates for Ancient Grains: By Grocery Product Type, 2015 (U.S. adults)
Consumer Motivations for Seeking Out Ancient Grains
Table 6-3 Top Consumer Motivations for Eating Ancient Grains, 2015 (among U.S. adults who buy menu or grocery items with ancient grains) .. 172
Consumer Motivations for Seeking Out Sprouted Ingredients
Table 6-4 Top Consumer Motivations for Eating Sprouted Grains/Ingredients, 2015 (among U.S. adults who buy menu or grocery items with sprouted ingredients)

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