Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2011, 8th Edition

Jan 1, 2011
132 Pages - Pub ID: LA2706877
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The super slow and seemingly jobless recovery that defined 2010 will linger in 2011, further hampered by food inflation. Concurrently, addressing America’s obesity epidemic will take on heightened importance. This combination of factors will impact the what and why of consumer food and beverage selection, both at home and away in 2011. This report aims to highlight key flavor and ingredient trends for the coming year and provide relevant insights for food manufacturers, retailers and foodservice.

In addition to taking a look back at 2010, the eighth edition of this annual report provides insight into major flavor and ingredient trends for 2011 including:

  • Flavors From Around the Globe
  • Sustainability Trumps Local, Organic and Natural
  • Wellness Overhaul
  • Overcoming Obesity
  • Plethora of Produce
  • Flavor & Ingredient Crossovers
  • Salty & Big: Wellness Be Damned
  • Bolstering Breakfast
  • Simply Savory
  • Satisfying Sweets

Report Methodology

The information in Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2011. 8th Edition is based on both primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews with the Kruse Company and the Center for Culinary Development in addition to firsthand examination of the retail marketplace. Secondary research involved gathering data from various trade, business and government sources, including company websites and Internet blogs.

What You’ll Get in This Report

Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2011 highlights predictions for the key drivers that will affect the U.S. food and beverage industry in 2011 including rising food prices, consumer desire to take control and remain tight-fisted, actual vs. perceived thrift, government and industry pressure for a healthier diet and more focus on pragmatic lifestyle choices to promote happiness and well being.

This year’s report provides more coverage of health and wellness topics, primarily as a result of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 and concern about dietary sodium and obesity. An insightful discussion of ten key trends impacting food and beverage manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators sheds light on how these areas are likely to unfold in the coming year.

Benefits of This Report Include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the food flavors and ingredients trends expected to impact consumer food and beverage choices in 2011 contained in a single source
  • Insight into how flavor and ingredient trends are moving through the retail and foodservice arenas
  • In-depth assessment of how consumers, manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators are focusing ever more on freshness, healthy eating and value, with produce a key feature
  • Reference citations provided for secondary research sources throughout the report
Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Key Drivers
Rising Food Costs
Consumers Calling the Shots
Consumer Thrift: Reality or Illusion?
Imposed Health & Wellness
Lifestyle and Values Count More
A Look Back and Ahead
Flavors From Around the Globe
Sustainability Trumps Local, Organic and Natural
Flavor and Ingredient Crossovers
Wellness Overhaul
Simply Savory
Satisfying That Sweet Tooth
Chapter 2: Flavors From Around the Globe
Ethnicities Compete: Peacefully, Side-by-Side
South American and Nuevo Latino: Continued Migration
Pan Latin - Still Evolving
Cuban Catching On
Peruvian More Pervasive
Argentine, Venezuelan Roll In
Latin Food for the Hispanic Market: America, the Salad Bowl?
Asian Acceleration
Japanese Influence More Prevalent
Authentic Japanese Street Food Rolls In
More Japanese Influence from Morimoto
Malaysian Cuisine’s Grand Entrance: Hype or Here to Stay?
Greek and Mediterranean - So Mainstream, is it Still Ethnic?
Hummus and Greek Yogurt Drive Retail Trend
Greek Dining - Faster, More Affordable Choices
Authentically Greek Cheese and Pastries
Turkish and Moroccan Heating Up
Northern European Cuisine Revisited
New Scandinavian
Chapter 3: Sustainability Trumps Local, Organic & Natural
Foodservice Options
Table 3-1: Natural, Organic and Local Ingredient Sourcing Strategies Used by Select QSR and Fast Casual Restaurants/Chains
Retail Revelations
Recovery in Sight for Some Organic Categories?
Table 3-2: U.S. Organic Food vs. Total Food Sales, Growth and Penetration, 2000-2009
Local Food Systems
Explosion in Farmers’ Markets Drives Urban Farming
Table 3-3: Number of Operating Farmers Markets in the United States
Table 3-4: Top 10 States by Total Number of Farmers' Markets and Top 10 States by Growth, 2009-2010
Urban Farming - Local & Lucrative
CSA Collaboration = More Choice
Farm to School Programs: Feeding Kids Local Fare
Naturally Disappearing, or Just Confusing?
Return of Sugar Fuels More “Natural” Launches
Table 3-5: Natural Product Launches with Sugar as Ingredient, 2006-2010
Full Throttle for Fair Trade
Chapter 4: Tempting Trends 2011
Plethora of Produce
Vegetables - The New Meat
Seasonal LTOs
Extreme Gardening
Seeing Green
Sensational Salads
Kids Get In On the Act
Fresh, Fresher, Freshest
PFresh At Retail
Manufacturers Capture Freshness
Foodservice: Freshness Out Front and In Back
Food Craft DIY Movement Gains Momentum
Restaurant-Food Craft Duos
Bolstering Breakfast
QSR Battleground
Breakfast at Home - Sometimes Healthier, Sometimes More Like Dessert
Oh, Oh, Oh Oatmeal, Out of Control!
Flavor and Ingredient Crossovers
Olive Oil Sweet Indulgences
Magnificent Mac ‘n Cheese
Outrageous Oatmeal
Rich and Decadent Red Velvet
Ethnic Sauces & Seasonings Create A New Culinary World
Skewers - Making Sticks the Point
Limited Time Offers Aim to Open Wallets
Salty and Big: Wellness Be Damned!
Savoring Salt
Massive Madness
Specialty Vinegars
Functional, Flavorful
Chapter 5: Overcoming Obesity
Strategies and Tactics Abound
Just Push the Button: Fresh Fruits and Veggies, Anywhere, Anytime
With Obamacare, No More Hidden Calories!
Would You Like Some Exercise With That Burger?
Let’s Move!
Food Desert Showdown - Convenience vs. Drug Stores
Portion Control - Convenient and Mindless
Front of Pack Nutrition Labels: If At First You Don’t Succeed…
Chapter 6: Wellness Overhaul
Food = Foundation of Wellness
Back To Basics
Figure 6-1: Cooking herbs to address common health concerns
Ingredient Frontier Constantly Evolving
Figure 6-2: Wellness-oriented ingredients progression
Stay Away!
America’s Diet Makeover
Nutrient Yin/Yang: Fats, Carbs and Sodium Recommendations
Sorry, Salt Lovers, You’re Out Of Luck
Sodium Scoreboard
Table 6-1: Sodium reduction initiatives of select processed food manufacturers (assessed October 2010)
Tough Technical Challenges - Many, but No Easy, Solutions
Sea Salt Under Scrutiny
Finding Flavor Elsewhere
Sodium Cents
Potassium: The Yang of the Sodium Yin
Beauty Beyond Skin Deep
Digestion - Hub of Good Health
Gluten-Free: Low Carb Déjà Vu?
Probiotics Prevalent, but Claims Limited
Chapter 7: Simply Savory
Mighty Meat
Plentiful Pork
Extraordinary Bacon
Betting on Beef
Charged Up About Chicken
Transparent Birds
Stress Reduction Techniques
Reinventing Kosher
Turning Up the Heat
No Ducking Around It
Surprising Species: Sustainable Seafood Here to Stay
Retail Seafood Counter - Sustainability Made Easy
Rethinking the Sustainable Supply Chain
Seductive Sandwiches
Melted and Magnificent
Revisiting Regional American Favorites
Ethnic Expansion
Victory for Vegetarians
Dynamite Deli Meats
Potato Power
Chapter 8: Sometimes Sweet, Sometimes Not
Delightful Dairy
Yummy Yogurt
Flavored Milks
Hot Beverages Still Steaming
The New Coffee Connoisseurs
Single Cup Brewing - New Competition Heating Up
Creating Coffee Clout
Trendy Tea
Chapter 9: Satisfying That Sweet Tooth
Swell Sweeteners
HFCS or Corn Sugar? Either Way, Just As Sweet
Stevia Sales Sparkle
Honey, the Little Darling
Onward and Upwards for Agave
Fantastic Fruits
Dreamy Desserts
Cupcake Evolution
Marvelous Macarons
Whoopee for Whoopie Pies!
Pie Preoccupation
Ice Cream’s Infinite Incarnations
Frozen Yogurt Revival Moves to Freezer Case
Appendix A
The Food Craft Manifesto
Appendix B
Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Members
Appendix C
National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI) Companies

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