Presentation: Top Players in the U.S. Pet Market

Top Players in the U.S. Pet Market

Have pet, will spend. This is a reality that has sustained momentum in the U.S. pet industry through economic doldrums, shifting consumer population demographics, product recalls, and more. Not only are pets themselves living longer, but Americans of all ages are bucking past ownership trends and are embracing the “pets as family” mindset that has kept so many major companies invested and innovating in this market. But as is the case in the business world, some companies simply do it better than others.

In our free presentation, Top Players in the U.S. Pet Market, Packaged Facts discusses the major companies and trends leading this $81 billion industry in the areas of:

  • Pet health and wellness, including medications and vaccines for pets and livestock
  • E-commerce and e-tailing, a multi-billion dollar segment that delivers pet food and supplies directly to pet parents’ door steps
  • Retail wholesaling, which offers members access to a wide range of pet products and food, including popular private label brands with often premium formulations
  • Pet specialty retailing, including stores and brands that dominate the market due to almost unparalleled consumer trust and recognition
  • Food manufacturing, which includes companies (or company subsidiaries) as renowned for their brands and products marketed for humans in addition to products created for dogs and cats

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