The Slice is Right

The Slice is Right

Packaged Facts is pleased to announce that you can now buy slices of our industry-leading market research reports.

When you purchase a Packaged Facts report, you are getting a timely and authoritative overview of an industry, trend or product. From market sizing and projections and competitor analysis to market growth and opportunities, a Packaged Facts study offers you a cost-effective tool to help you make informed, analytically driven decisions.

But sometimes what you need is a more targeted slice of that comprehensive report. That’s when buying by the section can be an attractive choice for your research needs.

With this new option, you can purchase whole chapters, or sections within those chapters, of our full reports. Buying by the slice is an option for content purchases after a report has been published for six months.

As with our full studies, chapters or sections that you buy will be loaded to your personal library.

And, if you find that you need more analysis or data from that report, we’re happy to apply the amount you spent on the slices toward the cost of the full study.

Get Started With Slicing 

You can see what sections or chapters are available for purchase, and the cost, by clicking on the Table of Contents button on the report page. Here’s an example:

Slice purchasing is only available through the Packaged Facts website. For more information about slices, visit, or contact our customer service department (800-298-5294) or your account manager.