Cannabis and CBD: U.S. Retail Market Trends and Opportunities

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Published Jan 31, 2020 | 142 Pages | Pub ID: LA15762178

Cannabis and CBD: U.S. Retail Market Trends and Opportunities

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Against a backdrop of market trends supporting continued growth, U.S. retail sales of cannabis and CBD products rose 24% in 2019. Even while the state-by-state regulatory landscape impedes activity, cannabis retail dispensaries are growing significantly by the month, fueling gains among multi-state operators with growing geographical footprints and increasingly sophisticated retail and product branding. Taking a step further, already, while major players stay in the sidelines awaiting additional regulatory clarity, food and beverage innovation abounds among smaller, independent retailers and product marketers.

Cannabis and CBD: U.S. Retail Market Trends and Opportunities provides up-to-date insights on the quickly evolving cannabis landscape, with a focus on multi-state cannabis dispensary operators and food and beverage introductions.

Cannabis dispensaries are the retailers cannabis consumers know most, and their products are the first line of attack in building awareness and education. Stepping into this quickly evolving space are multi-state operators keen to build share. The report profiles the competitive and brand strategies of eight multi-state operators—Acreage Holdings, Cresco Labs, Curaleaf Holdings, Harvest Health and Recreation, Green Thumb Industries, iAnthus, MedMen, and Trulieve—as well as leading CBD product marketer Charlotte’s Web Holdings.

Cannabis and CBD-infused food and beverages are just gaining traction. Via store visits and product tastings, this report provides a glimpse at CBD-infused food and beverage product trends. It also draws from product innovation and launches north of the border, where large multi-national players have begun entering the market.


This report analyzes cannabis and cannabis-related retail trends and opportunities in the U.S., with a focus on multi-state cannabis dispensary operators and food and beverage introductions, as well as market trends by state that highlight cannabis usage, regulatory, and dispensary location growth trends. The report also includes a 2019 cannabis market size by product delivery format, as well as detailed analysis of cannabis-related legal and regulatory trends at the federal and state levels.
  • Executive Summary
    • Report Scope
    • Report Summary
      • Market Size
      • Regulatory Landscape
      • Market Trends by State
      • Cannabis and CBD Food and Beverage Trends
      • Cannabis and CBD Retailers
      • Use Trends
  • Market Size
    • Sales of Retail Products Containing Cannabis
    • Cannabis Sales by Delivery Format
      • Flower
      • Vaporizer Cartridges
      • Tinctures
      • Edibles
      • Pills & Capsules
      • Topicals
      • Ingestible Oils
      • Other Delivery Formats
  • Regulatory Landscape
    • National Legal Overview
    • Industrial Hemp
      • 2018 Farm Bill Legalizes Hemp
      • Farm Bill Builds on 2014 Iteration
      • CPG Applications
      • Industrial Hemp Activity by State
    • State-Level Cannabidiol (CBD) Product Laws
      • A Trend Toward Limits
    • Medical Marijuana
      • Medical Marijuana: Access
      • Medical Marijuana: Possession & Use
      • Medical Marijuana: Production
      • Medical Marijuana: Sale
    • Recreational Marijuana
      • Recreational Marijuana: Access
      • Adult-Use Marijuana: Possession & Use
      • Adult-Use Marijuana: Production
      • Adult-Use Marijuana: Sale
    • Regulation in the Pipeline
      • SAFE Banking Act
      • STATES Act
      • MORE Act
  • Market Trends by State
    • Arizona
    • California
      • Setting the Table for Success
      • Disappointing Results
    • Colorado
      • Table Colorado Adult-Use and Medical Cannabis Sales, 2014-2019E (million dollars)
    • Connecticut
    • Florida
      • Table Florida Dispensary Locations, by Company, 2020
    • Illinois
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • Michigan
    • Nevada
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Nevada
    • Oregon
    • Pennsylvania
  • Cannabis and CBD Food & Beverage Trends
    • Food & Beverage Applications Increasingly Common
      • Table CBD-Legal States: Labeling and Registration Restrictions, 2019
      • Table CBD-Legal States: Food and/or Beverage Restrictions, 2019
      • Table States Where CBD Is Heavily Restricted, Illegal, or Unknown, 2019
    • Canada CBD-Infused Beverage Product Innovation
    • Tilray and AB InBev
      • Everie Non-Alcoholic CBD-Infused Beverages
      • Future Product Development
    • HEXO and Molson Coors
      • Truss
    • Canopy Growth and Constellation Brands
      • The Constellation Angle
      • Gearing up for Launch
    • U.S. CBD-Infused Food and Beverage: Store Visit and Tasting Notes
      • Store Visits Reveal Innovation Afoot
      • Lifeway Kefir Shop: CBD Smoothie Boosts
      • Ruby Room: CBD Foods and Dog Treats
      • Goddess and the Grocer: Owned-Branded Baked Goods Fit into Broader Brand Mix
  • Cannabis and CBD Retailers
    • Multi-State Operators
      • Multi-State Operators and the Cannabis Supply Chain
    • MSO Footprint: Nascent Growth
      • Table Active Cannabis Dispensary Locations: Top MSOs, 2019
    • Acreage Holdings, Inc.
      • Geographical Footprint
      • Recent Acquisitions
      • Branded Products Strategy
      • Innovation: Quick-Dissolve Cannabis Tablets and Wellness Beverages
    • Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc.
      • Retail Expansion
      • Product Line Expansion
      • Pet Products
      • Marketing Campaign
    • Cresco Labs
      • Cresco Labs
      • Retail Branding Strategy
      • Sunnyside
      • Sunnyside: Illinois Retail Snapshot and Store Visit
      • Branded Product Strategy
      • Cresco Family of Brands
    • Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.
      • Competitive Strategy
      • Geographical Footprint
      • Recent Acquisitions
      • Retail Branding Strategy
      • Branded Product Strategy
    • Harvest Health and Recreation
      • Geographical Footprint
      • Recent Acquisitions
      • Branded Products Strategy
    • Green Thumb Industries Inc.
      • Geographical Footprint
      • Recent Acquisitions
      • Branded Products Strategy
    • iAnthus
      • Geographical Footprint
      • Recent Acquisitions
      • Branded Retailer Strategy
      • Branded Product Strategy
    • MedMen
      • Geographical Footprint
      • Recent Acquisitions
      • Branded Retail Strategy
      • Branded Product Strategy
      • Loyalty Program
    • Trulieve
      • Entering New Markets
      • Florida Remains Lynchpin
      • Products
  • Use Trends
    • Attitudes Toward Legalization
      • Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Say Marijuana Use Should Be Legal
    • Use by State
      • Table Top 20 States: Percentage of Adults Using Cannabis in Last Year and Last Month, 2018
      • Table Top 20 States: Numbers of Adults Using Cannabis in Last Year and Last Month, 2018
  • Appendix
    • Cannabis Applications
      • Medical Marijuana
      • Adult-Use/Recreational
      • CBD & Other Hemp-Derived Products
    • Definitions
      • Cannabis
      • Cannabidiol (CBD)
      • Cannabis Product Delivery Formats
      • Hemp
      • Hydroponics
      • Marijuana
      • Multi-State Operator (MSO)
      • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
      • Vertical Integration

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