The U.S. Bath and Shower Care Market

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Published Aug 1, 2002 | 404 Pages | Pub ID: LA728890

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This Packaged Facts report examines the $1.7 billion retail market for bath and shower care products, covering mass and specialty products, marketers, and outlets, and encompassing four distinct categories: Body Washes, Bath Additives, After-Bath Products, and Specialty Bar Soaps. Featuring extensive sales and consumer data, the report focuses on how market-defining trends, heavy new product activity, soothing ingredients, and product multifunctionality are helping to push dollar sales in this market even higher. Also covered are key marketing, new product, and advertising and promotion trends, with profiled marketers ranging from direct sellers like Avon, to specialty retailers like Body Shop, to prestige marketers like Estee Lauder, to mass-market mainstays like Procter & Gamble and Dial.
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