American Lifestyles in the Early 21st Century

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Published Mar 1, 2000 | 131 Pages | Pub ID: LA523

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Corporate marketers have their work cut out for them as they reach out to an increasingly diverse population. The graying of Baby Boomers, the maturation of Generation X, and their mercurial interests of the Echo Boom generation all conspire to make life challenging for those planning marketing schemes for traditional or novel products and services. Increasing racial diversification, sensitive ethnic and identity issues, and divisive income gaps must be taken into account by marketers trying to avoid tripping wires. This new report helps you keep up with the trends and forecasts for American Lifestyles in the Early 21st Century.
  1. Executive Summary
      Analyzing Lifestyles
      Identifying Lifestyle Groups
      The Basis in Demographics
    The Generational Wheel
      Life with Boomers
      Seniors and the Third Life
      Getting with Generation X
      The New Boom Generation
    Diversity and Disparity
      Beyond Coherence
      Changing Norms for "Normality"
      Meaning No Offense
      Familiar and Foreign American
      The So-Called Vanishing Majority
      Table 1-1: Projected Non-Hispanic White Percentage of U.S. Population, 2000-2060
      For Rich and for Poor
    Rising Trends
      Everybody Online?
      Computer Revolution or Online Mall?
      Cultural Exports and Imports
      Global Crossings
      A Millennial Revival
      Back on the Chain Gang
      The Home as Castle
    Lifestyles Marketing
      Margins and Marketing
      A Data-Driven Process
      On a Personal Note
      Mass Customization: The Art of the Possible
      Case Study: Beyond the Square Meal
      Selected Predictions

  2. Introduction
      Analyzing Lifestyles
      Identifying Lifestyle Groups
      Nothing Comes Close to Age
      Beyond Age: No Shortage of Lifestyles
      Diversity and Normality
      Native and Foreign
      Majorities and Minorities
      Income Disparity
      The Landscape After the Internet
      What Weekend? Whither Retirement
      Discounts and Datasets
      The Uncertainty Principle
      Trends vs. Fads
    The Population at a Glance
      Demographics as the Bedrock
      Overview Tables
      Table 2-1: Projected U.S. Population, 2000-2010 (number)
      Table 2-2: Projected U.S. Population: Median Age vs. Mean Age, 2000-2010
      Table 2-3: Projected U.S. Population by Age Bracket, 2000-2010 (number): From Age Under 5 to Age 100 and Over
      Table 2-4: Projected U.S. Population: Male vs. Female, 2000-2010 (number)
      Table 2-5: Projected U.S. Population: Native-Born vs. Foreign-Born, 2000-2010 (percent)
      Table 2-6: Projected U.S. Population: Non-Hispanic White vs. Minority, 2000-2010 (percent)

  3. The Generational Wheel
    Baby Boomers: A Middle-Age Nation
      Reeling in the Years
      Table 3-1: Projected U.S. Population by Baby Boomer Age Bracket, 2000-2020 (number): From Age 35 to Age 74
      Boomers Still in Control
      Flush with Income and Optimism
      Prospects for Early Retirement
      But Not Everybody Is Buying It
      Not Your Grandparents' Middle Age
      Older But Not More Elderly
      Not Settling for Less
      Marketing Ramifications: BoomersÂūDon't Call Them Old
    Seniors: Inventing the Third Life
      Conventional Demographics
      Table 3-2: Projected U.S. Population by Senior Age Bracket, 2000-2020 (number): From Age 65 to Age 85 and Over
      The Transition to the "Third Life"
      Senior Sensibilities vs. Modern Media
      Seniors a Varied Group
      Big Pocketbooks
      Seniors Staying Fit
      Life Expectancies and Health Maintenance
      Table 3-3: Life Expectancy for U.S. Residents by Year of Birth, 1930-1990
      Table 3-4: U.S. Life Table: Remaining Expectancy by Age, 1996 (years): From Age 0 to Age 100
      Marketing Ramifications: Targeting the Third Life
    Generation X: The Forgotten Generation
      Stuck in the Middle
      A Cynical Group
      A Generation War?
      Questioning Authority
      Marketing Ramifications: Cynical but not Nasty
    Echo Boom: The New Boom Generation
      After Xers:
      The Role of Youth
      Beepers and Brands
      Brand Lovers, Big Spenders
      Wired Generation
      Violence and the Media
      Not as Young as They Used to Be
      But Not a Pessimistic Generation
      A Sense of Surfing
      Marketing Ramifications: High Tolerance

  4. Diversity and Disparity
    The Vanishing "American" Lifestyle
      Coherence vs. Diversity
      Who Is Normal Anyway?
      No Offense Intended
      Marketing Ramifications: Hypersensitivity
    Ethnic Groups and the Immigrant Lifestyle
      The Immigrant Lifestyle
      Native vs. Foreign Born
      Table 4-1: Foreign-Born U.S. Population, 1900-2000 (number and percent)
      1920 vs. 2020
      Table 4-2: Projected Foreign-Born Percentage of U.S. Population, 2000-2020
      Degrees of Immigrancy
      Marketing Ramifications: The Immigrant Lifestyle
      African-Americans: A Place at the Table
      Household Incomes: Black vs. White
      Table 4-3: Median U.S. Household Income by Race: White vs. Black, 1987-1997
      The Bad News
      Wealth and Identity in the Black Community
      Beyond Racism?
      Marketing Ramifications: Black Identity Crisis
      Latin USA
      Table 4-4: Projected U.S. Hispanic Population, 2000-2020 (number and percent): Hispanic, Native-Born, Foreign-Born
      A Hispanic Profile
      Whom Are You Talking About When You Say "Hispanic?"
      Asian-Americans: 20 Million in 2020
      Table 4-5: Projected U.S. Asian/Pacific Islander Population, 2000-2020 (number and percent): Asian, Native-Born, Foreign-Born
      Asians Lead in Assets
      Table 4-6: Median U.S. Household Income by Race: White vs. Asian/Pacific Islander, 1988-1997 (dollars)
      Poised More for Wealth than Influence
      Those Dwindling Whites
      Table 4-7: Projected Non-Hispanic White Percentage of U.S. Population, 2000-2060
      So What?
      An Emerging Mixed-Race Lifestyle
      Marketing Ramifications: An Emerging Mixed-Race Lifestyle
    Sexual Identity Groups
      Liberty and Acceptance for All
      Under Pressure
      Most Gay Men Out of the Closet
      Bisexuals Unite
      Hip Stereotypes Hold True
      Leeway for Lesbians
      Marketing Ramifications: Sex with a Difference
    Income Gaps and the Social Periphery
      To Have and Have Not
      Poverty Amidst Prosperity
      Table 4-8: Percentage of U.S. Population Living in Poverty by Race, 1978-1998
      The Rich Are Getting Richer
      Table 4-9: Percentage of Aggregate Income Claimed by Top 20% and Top 5% of U.S. Families, 1977-1997
      Marketing Ramifications: Haves and Have Nots
      Life at the Edge
      Who's Left Behind
      Marketing Ramifications: The Forgotten as a Reminder

  5. Rising Trends
    Internet Explosion
      Everybody Online
      Everybody Else Online
      Life Online
      Marketing Ramifications: Life Online
      The Lure of Shopping Online
      Bad News for Brick-and-Mortars
      Marketing Ramifications: Shopping Online
      Techno Youth
      Electronic Carts vs. Shopping Malls
      Shop.Com: Teens Elementary School
      Marketing Ramifications:
    Worldbeat: Globalization Comes Home
      They Know More About Us Than We Do About Them
      Cultural Exports and Imports
      Ethnic Cuisine
      World Music
      Seasoned Travelers
      Boomers and Travel Traffic
      Marketing Ramifications: Global Culture
    What Americans Are Thinking About
      A Millennial Revival
      Choosing Our Religion
      Spiritual vs. Religious
      East vs. West
      The Expanding Definition of Religion
      Belief and Belonging
      Marketing Ramifications: Capitalizing on God
      Back on the Chain Gang
      Every Day Is a Work Day
      Bumper-to-Bumper Life8
      Marketing Ramifications: 24-Hour Workday
      Return of the Couch Potatoes
      Violence and Fear
      Marketing Ramifications: The Home as Castle

  6. Lifestyles Marketing
    Changing with the Marketplace
      Price Carnivores
      Specific Marketing
      Advertising Gets Personal
      Marketing Ramifications: Advertising Specificity
      Decision Making Center: Not the TV Chair Anymore
      Meet Your Buyer
      Customization Trend Spreads
      Bicycles Built for One
      Your New Biographers
      Marketing Ramifications: Something for Every One
    Case Study: Rattles Along the Food Chain
      The Decline of Home Cooking
      Health Nuts and Meat-and-Potatoes
      Three Squares vs. Snacking
      From Staples to Sushi
      Leaving Room for Love
      Marketing Ramifications: Redesigning Dinner
      Don't Go Changing
      The Category Management Approach
      Obits for Boston Chicken
      Wal-Mart as Grocery Giant
      Online Visionaries
      Marketing Ramifications: The Category Management Approach
    Predictions for the New Millennium
      The Future Workplace
      It's Flextime
      End of the Office
      Wanted: A Qualified Employer
      Hold the Gold Watches
      Not All Leisure Is Lost
      Golden Years for Entrepreneurs
      Living Standards to Rise
      People to Have Longer Shelf Life
      Home Wired Home
      New Definitions of Family

    Appendix: Examples of Consumer Advertising This appendix appears in bound editions only.