Upscale Private-Label Market

Jul 1, 1995
100 Pages - Pub ID: LA372
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  1. Introduction
    • Upscale Private Labels: A Recent U.S. Phenomenon
    • Generics Set the Stage
    • A Three-Tier Approach to Store Brands Emerges
    • What Is a Private Label?
    • The Rise of Private Labels in the 19th Century
    • Eclipse in the Early 20th Century
    • The A&P Story
    • Cooperatives and Brokers in Private-Label Evolution

    Emergence of Upscale Store Brands
    • Conditions Ripen in the 1980s
    • Brand Loyalty Runs Out of Steam
    • Desire to Differentiate Opens Door to Upscale
    • First Target: The Gourmet Market
    • A&P's Trial and Error Stage
    • Final Target: High-Volume Categories
    • Learning to Be Selective
  2. The Market
    Market Size and Growth
    • Size of Upscale Store Brand Market Unknown
    • Total Retail Sales in Mass-Market Outlets
    • [Table] Total Retail Market: Mass-Market Outlets (1993)
    • Total Private-Label Sales in Mass Outlets
    • [Table] Total Private-Label Market: Mass-Market Outlets (1993)
    • Private-Label Market Share Gaining
    • [Table] Private-Label Market Share: In Mass-Market Outlets (1993 vs. 1992)
    • Perishables Are Top Private-Label Sellers
    • [Table] Top 20 Private-Label Supermarket Categories: By Dollar Volume

    Factors in Future Growth
    • Positive Factors: Can Offer Savings for Consumers
    • Extra Value Built In
    • Quality Matches or Exceeds Name Brands
    • Upscale Store Brands Give Consumers Freedom of Choice
    • The Waning of Secondary Name Brands
    • The Lure of Innovative Products
    • Packaging Is Contributing to Success
    • Higher Profits for Retailers
    • Upscale Store Brands Offer Potential for Export
    • Negative Factors: Intensified Competition from Name Brands
    • Name Brands Pumping up Advertising
    • Emphasizing Brand Equity
    • Name Brand Line Extensions and New/Improved Products
    • Support for Store Brands Not Always Forthcoming
    • Brands Can Compromise by Adding a Private Label
  3. The Marketers
    The Marketers
    • Number of Upscale Program Operators
    • Food Store Retailers
    • Discount Chains
    • Wholesalers/Distributors
    • Cooperatives and Other Organizations
    • [Chart] Major Upscale Store Brand Programs

    Company Profiles
    • Loblaws' President's Choice
    • A&P's Master Choice
    • Safeway's Safeway Select
    • Vons' Vons Select
    • Pathmark's Pathmark Preferred
    • Supervalu's Preferred Selection
    • Western Family Foods' Excellence
    • Topco's World Classics
    • Shurfine's Award Winner Collection
    • Fleming's Marquee Premium
    • Venture's TasteWorks

    Focus: Dave Nichol
    • Guru of Upscale Store Brands
    • Leaves Loblaws, Joins Cott
    • A New Era Dawns for Cott Beverages
    • Nichol's Upscale Philosophy
    • A New Age for Private Labels
    • Nichol Sees Name Brands Getting Defensive
    • PepsiCo CEO Strongly Disagrees
    • Nichol's Positive Spin on Negative Numbers
    • The Power of Nondelisting Fees
    • Nichol's European Inspiration
    • Brushes Aside American Skeptics
    • Nichol's Future Vision: Samurai Stores

    Product Trends
    • Products Range from Traditional to Exotic
    • [Chart] Most Frequently Selected Product Categories:
    • Upscale Store Brands
    • Trends in Cola
    • Trends in Snacks
    • Trends in Pasta
    • Trends in Health Foods

    Packaging/Labeling Trends
    • Packaging Trends
    • Labeling Trends

    Issues in Marketing
    • Little Media Advertising
    • A&P's Syndicated TV Show
    • A&P's Master Choice Magazine
    • The President's Choice Marketing Arsenal
    • The Risk of Diluting Already Strong Private-Label Programs
    • Consumer-Based Criteria for Establishing Quality Standards
  4. At The Retail Level
    Retailing Upscale Store Brands
    • Commitment From Top Management Is Required
    • How Upscale Products Are Stocked
    • How Upscale Products Are Marketed and Merchandised
    • Connecting Brand and Store
    • Trend to Sub-Branding
    • Upscale Gives Retailers a Differentiating Factor
    • ...And Generates Shopper Loyalty
    • Retailer/Manufacturer Partnerships
  5. The Consumer
    Consumer Attitudes
    • Attitudes Toward Private Labels Overall
    • Frequency of Private-Label Buying
    • Attitudes Toward Upscale Store Brands

    Appendix I: Loblaws' Insider's Report
    Appendix II: A&P's Master Choice Magazine
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