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Packaged Facts is your trusted source for consumer demographics market research. Reports provide key industry trends, demographic growth projections with related purchasing and spending trends, and in-depth analysis of a wide variety of unique demographic sectors so you can more deeply penetrate the markets you compete in.

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The U.S. Market for Women's Athletic Apparel
The sporting goods market has become a relatively flat market with the exception of women’s athletic apparel. Title IX generation athletes and fitness-oriented members of the boomer generation are giving that niche of the market a boost, estimated in 2000 at $23 billion. Companies are still learning how to best  |  more...
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Jan 1, 2001 $1,399.00
Baby Boomers and the U.S. Food and Beverage Industry - Trends and Opportunities in Health, Natural and Organic, Gourmet, Ethnic and Convenience Foods
Boomers age 45-54 spend $123 weekly on food, compared with $102 for 25- to 34-year-olds and $75 for 65- to 74-year-olds. Moreover, over 10 million boomer households allot $125 or more weekly to grocery expenditures alone, while nearly 20 million visit either family or fast-food restaurants 6 or more  |  more...
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Dec 1, 2005 $2,250.00
Latino Consumers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends among Hispanic Americans, 8th Edition
The 48 million Latinos in the United States now wield buying power in excess of $1 trillion and represent an increasingly important consumer segment for marketers in a post-recession economy. While overall spending by non-Hispanic consumers declined during the recession, Latino consumers as a whole spent more. Compared  |  more...
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Jan 1, 2011 $3,200.00
The African-American Consumer Market, 9th Edition
The African-American Consumer Market, 9th Edition With a population of 44 million and buying power over $1 trillion in 2013, African-Americans are a key segment in an American economy that increasingly depends upon the needs and preferences of multicultural consumers. In the face of daunting economic difficulties,  |  more...
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Dec 27, 2013 $3,595.00
Hispanic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 5th Edition
Tortillas and taco kits outsell hamburgers and hot dog buns. Salsa boasts almost twice the dollar sales of ketchup. Latino culture has impacted the U.S. grocery aisles to such an extent that it has redefined American cuisine, or more accurately that its long-standing role in American cuisine has expanded to become irrepressibly evident.  |  more...
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Nov 27, 2012 $2,800.00
Green Household Cleaning Products in the U.S.: Bathroom Cleaners, Laundry Care and Dish Detergents and Household Cleaners
The U.S. market for household and laundry cleaning products is well on its way to a major shift in marketing strategies, product innovation and ingredient stories—primarily due to the continued consumer interest and understanding of greener and more sustainable lifestyles. The sweet spot for accelerated growth and highly profitable sales  |  more...
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Jun 1, 2010 $2,395.00
Collegiate Gen Y Eating: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
In 2008, Packaged Facts and the Center for Culinary Development (CCD) presented How Gen Y Eats , a report that profiled this much-discussed group as loving culinary mash-ups, craving big and layered flavors, and keeping an eye on nutrition and the health of the planet. These attributes haven’t changed and over  |  more...
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Jul 18, 2012 $2,640.00
The U.S. Sports Nutritionals Market
This Packaged Facts study examines the sports supplement industry and trends affecting the market. The report covers six product categories: strength; fat burners/meal replacements/diet; endurance; energy; exercise recovery and supportive nutrition; and exercise injury treatment. It profiles leading companies and describes what types of new products  |  more...
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Feb 1, 1999 $2,062.50
Sandwiches: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
Sandwiches─with their universal appeal, limitless versatility and attractive price-points─are bucking the recession and proving to be the country’s most resilient food category. The sandwich form itself is infinitely variable and delightfully portable: a sandwich can be simple or complex, everyday or gourmet, healthy or indulgent, hot or cold, and even  |  more...
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Aug 18, 2010 $2,640.00
MarketLooks:The U. S. Hispanic Market
MarketLooks , from, are concise 15-30 page summaries of popular full-length market research reports published by Packaged Facts. This MarketLooks report has been compiled from the following full-length study: Title: The U. S. Hispanic Market: Looking to the Future, 4th Edition  |  more...
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Oct 1, 2003 $299.00
Cosmeceuticals in the U.S, 6th Edition
In the New [ab]Normal of economic sluggishness, cosmeceutical marketers have an opportunity to shine across multiple generations, including Boomers, Gen X-ers, and increasingly, Gen Y-ers. As is the case in many consumer packaged goods categories, cosmeceutical sales suffered during the recession, but the going could have been tougher were  |  more...
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Apr 20, 2012 $3,000.00
Millennials in the U.S.
On the surface, very little appears monolithic about adult Millennials (defined as those in the 18- to 29-year-old age group and also known as Gen-Y).  Millennials include full-time college students, late-20-somethings who have moved back to their parents’ home  |  more...
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Apr 23, 2012 $3,080.00
The U.S. Market For Healthy Prepared Foods
With the American consumer becoming increasingly savvy about nutrition, this new study from Packaged Facts analyzes the market for high vitamin/mineral and high fiber/protein prepared foods. This report analyzes the diet and demographic trends affecting the market today, tabulating and projecting market size and growth by product  |  more...
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Feb 1, 1999 $2,750.00
The U.S. Kids' Foods Market
This report provides a detailed analysis of the $9 billion U.S. children's foods market, including cereals, lunch foods and snacks, beverages, meals and entrees, and ice cream and frozen novelties specifically targeted to kids. Myriad products and trends are covered, including the  |  more...
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Mar 1, 1998 $2,062.50
The Teens Market
The U.S. population segment of 12-to 19-year olds currently numbers more than 30 million and is projected to reach nearly 34 million by 2005, making teens one of the most lucrative U.S. consumer markets ever. This Packaged Facts study covers today's complex crop of teens from every conceivable angle, covering  |  more...
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Oct 1, 1998 $2,062.50
The U.S. Ethnic Haircare, Skincare and Color Cosmetics
This report on the $1.5 billion ethnic HBC market highlights sales growth and product trends in haircare (color products, relaxers, conditioners), skincare (alpha-hydroxy, fade creams, moisturizers, cleansers, shaving products) and color cosmetics. The report profiles mainstream and ethnic marketers ranging from Maybelline and Procter & Gamble  |  more...
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Oct 1, 1999 $2,062.50
The U.S. Mature Market
This updated report provides detailed insight into the motivations, aspirations and challenges of the nation's 58 million adults who are 55 and older. The report documents the unprecedented growth of this population group, explains the similarities and differences in its three distinct segments and provides detailed coverage of the surprising  |  more...
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Jun 1, 2000 $1,375.00
The Teens Market
With deep parental pockets and insatiable consumer appetites, teens are a marketer's dream. Today over 31 million teens carry more marketing clout than ever, influencing as much as $200 billion in family spending. In this updated Packaged Facts report readers find the latest data on teens age 12-19, including demographic  |  more...
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Apr 1, 2000 $1,375.00
The Gay and Lesbian Market
This completely updated report offers a comprehensive analysis of the gay and lesbian consumer market in the United States. The report begins with an overview of key demographic characteristics of the gay and lesbian population, including income levels and household structure. The report then assesses the current size and projected  |  more...
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Jun 1, 2000 $1,375.00
U.S. Health and Natural Food Market
This timely update analyzes the rapidly growing health and natural food market, which is projected to surpass $21.0 billion in sales by the year 2004. The report details current market size and provides growth projections for the six product categories: packaged groceries, bulk groceries, frozen, refrigerated, produce, and perimeter/prepared foods.  |  more...
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Jun 1, 2000 $1,375.00
The U.S. Urban Youth Market: Targeting the Trendsetters
This new Packaged Facts report presents an in-depth analysis of the urban youth market and shows why this rapidly evolving multicultural market is of vital importance to marketers. The urban youth market potentially includes the more than 40 million 12- to 24-year-olds living in metropolitan areas of the United  |  more...
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Nov 1, 2000 $1,375.00
The U.S. Tweens Market
This Packaged Facts report provides a thorough analysis of the tweens market, which includes more than 23 million young American consumers ages 8 to 14. The report begins with a demographic overview of tweens that includes an analysis of where they live, how much their parents earn, and what  |  more...
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Feb 1, 2001 $1,375.00
The Young Adult Market: Generation X Grows Up
This completely new Packaged Facts report analyzes the consumer behavior and purchasing power of the 37 million young adults in the 25- to 34-year-old age group, most of whom are members of Generation X. The report begins with a comprehensive overview of the key demographic features of this influential  |  more...
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Jul 1, 2001 $1,399.00
The Solo Female Consumer Market
This Packaged Facts report explores the expanding "solo female" market, defined as never-married female consumers with no children. The number of solo females has grown rapidly in recent years, a trend that is expected to continue as more women choose to delay or forgo marriage as they pursue career  |  more...
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Nov 1, 2001 $1,399.00
MarketLooks: The U.S. Market For Sports Nutritional Beverages
MarketLooks are concise, easy to read summaries of full-length market research reports. Full reports that cover more than one market segment are split into corresponding multiple MarketLooks to allow you to purchase only the MarketLooks that you need. MarketLooks for market research reports published prior to May 2001  |  more...
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May 1, 2001 $399.00
Title Publishedsort descending Price
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