Pet Medications in the U.S.: Prescription and Over-the-Counter Remedies as Consumer Products, 2nd Edition

Oct 1, 2011
228 Pages - Pub ID: LA6044260
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Seismic shifts are underway in the U.S. market for pet medications as the top veterinary brands of flea/tick spot-ons enter broader distribution; Bayer is leading the way with Advantage and K9 Advantix. At the same time, generic versions of fipronil (the active ingredient in Merial’s Frontline) are coming onto the scene, in some cases resulting in court battles and product withdrawals. Also upping the ante, major retailers including Walmart and Target are moving into the pet medications space both in store and online, representing new competition to veterinarians and third-party Internet retailers such as PetMed Express. The upshot is increased price pressure, but also potential for an expanded base of purchasers as pet specialty and mass-market retailers create stronger pet health departments centered around formerly vet-only products. Also bolstering market prospects, all of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies continue to invest in medications for companion animals, often mirroring trends in human medications while targeting the needs of the growing populations of aging and overweight pets.

Bringing in broad perspective from other reports in Packaged Facts’ extensive Pet Market Collection, this report analyzes the market for prescription, over-the-counter, and “ethical” (nonprescription medications whose distribution is restricted by the manufacturer to veterinarians) medications for dogs and cats, with a particular focus on brand-name products used by consumers and on antiparasitics. Retail sales are quantified and projected forward through 2015, and broken out by product type, animal type and retail channel. Despite the lingering impact of the recession, the market outlook remains strong, with U.S. retail sales projected to grow 38% from 2010 to 2015 to reach $9.3 billion. The report provides in-depth coverage of competitive trends and new product trends, and features exclusive consumer data from Packaged Facts’ May-June 2011 Pet Owner Survey. Uniquely cross-tabulated consumer survey results from Experian Simmons provide additional insight into pet medication consumer usage rates, demographics and psychographics.

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