The U.S. Online Retail Banking Market

Feb 1, 2005
222 Pages - Pub ID: LA959462
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Online banking and bill pay provides unprecedented convenience and control for the more than one third of adults who currently bank by computer. Online banking and bill payment customers can not only perform customary banking transactions, including conducting balance inquiries, transferring between accounts and obtaining statement reconciliations online, but can also receive and pay bills electronically via the Internet, allowing them to pay virtually any bill, whether it arrives over the Internet or through traditional mail, to anyone.

Yet the market is being further transformed by new services and features, such as e-bills, account aggregation, interbank transfers, and customer alerts (as well as explosive bill payment growth), as online banking providers continue to find ways to drive online and banking and bill payment growth, build and retain their customer bases, manage costs, and drive profits. The impact of each of these services and features and market drivers, and much more, is covered in the new Packaged Facts report, The U.S. Online Retail Banking Market.

What Youll Get in this Report
The U.S. Online Retail Banking Market examines the latest trends in the industry. It closely assesses what the industry players are up to and provides a comprehensive features and services analysis that details the types of offerings individual players provide, and for what cost. The report also breaks down the 15 largest U.S. banks into two sets of profiles; one detailing services and features, the other detailing bank structure and online banking statistics. The report also assesses how banks are integrating their online banking functions into a broader customer-centric service offering that emphasizes convenience and customer care at every end of the retail banking spectrum.

Additionally, The U.S. Online Retail Banking Market provides a comprehensive demographic look at the online banking and bill pay consumer. Income, race, gender, and education factors, as well as security and fraud concerns, are analyzed in detail to help shape a deep portrait of todays online banking and bill pay users.

Report Methodology
The information in The U.S. Online Retail Banking Market is based on both primary and secondary research. Primary research involved interviews with marketing, public relations and analysts within the financial industry and consultants to the industry. Secondary research entailed data-gathering from relevant trade, business, and government sources, including company literature and corporate filings. Data on consumer behaviors and attitudes was derived from Simmons Market Research Bureau spring 2004 National Consumer Survey.

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