Lawn and Garden Products in the U.S., 8th Edition

Jul 1, 2009
247 Pages - Pub ID: LA1837848
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The $24 billion U.S. lawn and garden (L&G) market has held up remarkably well under the relentless pressure of an epic macroeconomic storm. While cracks in the competitive structure are beginning to appear, the L&G market has proven to be tough and adaptable. Certainly, vast opportunities exist to turn current downsides into upsides.

In our 2009 edition of the widely consulted study The U.S. Lawn and Garden Market, 8th Edition, Packaged Facts presents a comprehensive and multifaceted analysis of the current L&G market. Along with detailing the many opportunities latent in the economic crisis, this study offers an in-depth examination of competitive issues and trends, including the impact of marketer attrition, management survival strategies, the slowing of globalization, potential dealer and independent retailer resurgence, growing influence of the green movement, regulatory/political developments, and responses to drought. Also addressed are possible breakdown scenarios involving supply shortages or similar economic discontinuities.

As always, our study features numerous tables estimating current sales of L&G equipments, supplies, and services, and offers five-year sales projections. Complete and up-to-date competitive profiles are presented of major marketers, such as MTD, Toro, Deere, Husqvarna, Briggs & Stratton, Ames True Temper, Fiskars, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and TruGreen, among others. Comprehensive coverage of new product trends, a thorough analysis of the retail sector, and analytical profiles of L&G consumers are also provided.

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Report Methodology

The study is based on the analysis of a wide range of primary and secondary research, including information compiled from trade journals, trade associations, company reports, government data, industry surveys, consumer polls, magazines, newspapers, websites, books, in-store inspections, and discussions with professionals. These sources have been supplemented by proprietary consumer demographic data supplied by Experian Simmons Market Research Bureau. Adding depth to our analysis is over a decade’s worth of research on the lawn and garden market conducted by Packaged Facts.

About the Author

David Cappello is a senior market analyst who in over 20 years has authored and edited scores of studies on a vast range of consumer and financial products markets. In 2000 Cappello began researching alternative energy and green economics in order to apply his understanding of market dynamics to these emerging sectors. The first result was a report on the solar power market, published in 2004 by ARS Insights. His most recent studies in these areas, published by imprints of, include Renewable Energy Investment in the United States (2007), The U.S. Solar Energy Market (2008), and Trends in Organic Lawn and Garden Products (2009).

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