South American Flavors: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

Mar 28, 2014
77 Pages - Pub ID: LA5214800
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South American Flavors: Culinary Trend Tracking Series spotlights emerging, penetrating and integrated food and ingredient trends that are seeing resurgent opportunities as their popularity is recast in a new light.

With 20% of U.S. adults agreeing that they enjoy eating foreign foods, and Peruvian cuisine being identified as a hot cuisine to watch by both the National Restaurant Association and influential chefs across the globe, South American Flavors is a timely research report that includes category relevant charts and trend application tables.

South American Flavors spotlights the major drivers of these trends within the following framework:
  • Health and wellness
  • Food integrity and authenticity, including natural, organic, local and food freshness
  • Bold flavors and flavor tourism
  • Craft and artisanal
  • Purposeful eating
At its best, marketing and promoting international and regional cuisines is neither strictly about tradition nor exactly about fusion. It’s about participating in the evolution of foodways that are “always-already” fused, continuing the intermingling of traditions and cross-cultural influences in the spirit of authenticity rather than under the strict letter of culinary law.

South American Flavors uses a data-driven approach, along with a comprehensive understanding of restaurant, retail and consumer trends, to create the opportunity-scape for our customers:

Profiles in this issue

Looking forward, what’s the opportunity-scape for South American foods and flavors? This report profiles the following menu and packaged product development opportunities:
  • Aji peppers and rocoto see expanded applications in sauces and as ingredients for snacks with a global flair
  • Purple corn and purple potato will stake more claim as authentic and healing foods, including for those seeking non-GMO ingredients
  • In the wake of quinoa, amaranth and pichuberry will play on texture and flavor attributes, as well as leverage health & wellness, to increase penetration in the specialty and natural market
  • Pisco and Caipirinha will draw on perennial interest in international spirits and beverages to foster new mixology and flavoring applications
  • South American stews, including Brazil’s Feijoada, have gotten their sea legs in the restaurant circles.
Culinary Trend Tracking Series is the essential source for tracking culinary trends and opportunities in the restaurant, foodservice, retail prepared foods, and packaged food and beverage sectors. This new bi-monthly report series empowers the menu and food manufacturing innovation of executives, strategists, chefs, and food research professionals in R&D/product development, market and consumer insights, brand management, and trade and consumer marketing.

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