Foodservice Breakfast Trends in the U.S.

Aug 1, 2010
150 Pages - Pub ID: LA2718792
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The recession is reshaping how consumers interact with the restaurant industry, and the breakfast daypart is no exception: value pricing remains at the forefront of menu strategies, as growing guest checks often takes a backseat to generating guest traffic. However, unlike the lunch and dinner dayparts, breakfast benefits from long-term untapped guest traffic potential, and it can generate healthy margins, factors that are drawing major new players into the market.

Packaged Facts’ Breakfast Trends in the U.S. Foodservice Market estimates that breakfast daypart restaurant sales reached $37.2 billion in 2009, and forecasts that they will reach $37.0 billion in 2010 and $37.7 billion in 2011. While these figures may appear tepid at first glance, when viewed against the backdrop of lower overall restaurant sales, the breakfast daypart has fared relatively well, taking share from lunch and dinner. In the final analysis, we believe that near-term challenges will give way to long-term opportunity.

Breakfast Trends in the U.S. Foodservice Market provides unique insights into consumers’ evolving relationship with the breakfast daypart, helping restaurant operators position their brands—and menus—for consumers today and tomorrow.

Highlights of the study include:

  • Directional consumer behavioral and attitude analysis via Packaged Facts’ proprietary Consumer Restaurant Outlook Tracker, which assesses restaurant breakfast users current and planned restaurant-related behavior;
  • Proprietary analysis of average meal spend by restaurant type and by daypart, with a focus on the breakfast daypart, to help target consumers who can bring in higher guest check averages;
  • “Share of Stomach” sales analysis that trends limited-service and full-service sales by daypart, and provides in-depth spending patterns for the breakfast daypart by region, income, and race/ethnicity (analysis includes comparisons to food-at-home spending);
  • Meal “pricing threshold” analysis: $3, $5, and $10 consumer-imposed breakfast spend limits;
  • Restaurant and menu selection analysis, driven by our proprietary consumer survey results;
  • A custom “demographic drilldown” on frequent coffee drinkers;
  • Industry-leading restaurant brand analyses of top restaurant breakfast players, including 2010-2011 breakfast strategy and demographic analysis according to “core customers,” low- and high-frequency guest traffic, and “food lifestyle” segmentation;
  • Thorough, investment-grade macroeconomic analysis that helps industry participants understand current consumer restaurant spending behavior.
Themes and topics covered in the report also include:

  • Breakfast daypart market size and forecast, including limited-service and full-service restaurant segments;
  • Value, convenience, menu item, and health innovations, strategies and trends
  • Restaurant usage by daypart, according to restaurant segment (coffeehouse, fast food restaurant, smoothie shop, family restaurant, casual restaurant, fine dining, convenience store, and grocery store)
  • Breakfast value menus and meal bundles
  • The importance of who accompanies the breakfast restaurant user to dine in and pick up a meal
  • Importance of health-related factors to the purchase decision, including food advertised as all-natural and healthy and calorie/nutrition information.
Data Methodology

Our methodology rests on a balance of data-centric expertise and holistic understanding, maximizing accuracy and depth of analysis. Report data is derived from thorough analysis of a host of sources, including the following:

  • Proprietary company interviews
  • Proprietary consumer surveys
  • The Experian Simmons National Consumer Study
  • The U.S. Census Bureau
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics Retail Trade Survey
  • Company presentations
  • Trade associations and trade magazines
  • Academic journals
  • Industry conferences
  • Restaurant menus

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