The U.S. Asian American Market

Mar 1, 2002
318 Pages - Pub ID: LA688948
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This new Packaged Facts report provides a thorough analysis of the Asian American market; the most affluent of the population segments tracked by the U.S. Census Bureau. The report uses the latest data available from Census 2000 as well as data from 2001 Census surveys to compile a comprehensive demographic assessment of Asian Americans, including income levels, family structure, and employment patterns. Profiles are provided for the various national subgroups that comprise the Asian American population, including Asian Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Koreans, and Japanese. Key trends in the Asian American market are highlighted and estimates of the size and growth of the purchasing power of Asian Americans are provided. The report details the offline and online consumer behavior of Asian Americans and shows how cultural factors can affect their buying decisions. Asian American media are reviewed, marketing and advertising strategies employed in the Asian American market are analyzed, and case studies of companies targeting the Asian American market are presented. Appendices include information about resources available to companies interested in the Asian American market and examples of advertisements designed for Asian American consumers.

Between 1990 and 2000 the Asian American population increased nearly four times as fast as the U.S. population as a whole. Asian American households outpace all other population groups in relative spending power and have a more favorable economic profile than non-Hispanic white households. The $83,804 in average income enjoyed by Asian American married-couple households is 8% higher than that of non-Hispanic white households. Moreover, on average, Asian Americans working full-time earn more than their non-Hispanic white counterparts ($47,189 vs. $46,794).

Find out about the cultural factors that can drive the buying decisions of Asian Americans. Learn how companies active in the Asian American market reach out to various Asian American subgroups. Discover how the Internet enables marketers to target niche groups among Asian Americans, the most connected of all population groups in the United States.

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