Ready To Drink Beverages - Market Research, Industry Trends, Market Share, Consumer Insights

Published: 06/02/2017
Pages: 101
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Ready-to-drink beverages have descended on the beverage industry as the newest in innovation. Packaged Facts' Ready-to-Drink Beverages: Culinary Trend Tracking Series focuses on the state of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages after decades of activity centered on packaging catchy marketing phrases, examines the current focus on redesigning the actual beverages themselves.
This report provides entrepreneurs companies who are looking to develop the next big beverage idea all of the cutting-edge information driving RTD beverages the beverage industry as a whole. Packaged Facts provides you with dozens of cutting-edge product innovations that have the potential to set the industry on a new track. We uncover all information on innovative products across the ready-to-drink refreshment segment.
Ready-to-Drink Beverages: Culinary Trend Tracking Series provides information based on both primary secondary research. Primary research is based on interviews discussions with industry experts, reviews of company websites. If you are a beverage manufacturer or marketer, foodservice operator, ingredient company, private label marketing product development firm, advertising agency, or investment bank, this report is essential to staying one step ahead of the competition in the U.S. beverage industry.

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Table Of Contents

Slide 5: Looking Ahead

Slide 7: RTD Coffee Trends
Slide 8: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                Trend: Bulletproof Coffee

Slide 9: Trend: RTD Goes Local

Slide 10: Trend: Cold Press

Slide 11: Trend: Functionality

Slide 12: Trend: Rare & Limited Batches

Slide 13: Stage 2—Taking Root

                Trend: Nitro Coffee

Slide 14: Stage 3—Going Mainstream

                Trend: Nitro Coffee

Slide 16: Dairy & Dairy Alternative Trends

Slide 18: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                Trend: Nut Milks Come Clean

Slide 19: Trend: Peak Milk

Slide 20: Trend: A2 Milk

Slide 21: Trend: The Return of the Milk Man

Slide 22: Stage 2—Taking Root

                Trend: Organic and Grass-Fed  Cow’s Milk

Slide 23: Stage 3—Going Mainstream

                Trend: Milk 2.0

Slide 24: Trend: Nut Milk Blends

Slide 26: Energy & Sports Drink Trends
A Kinder, Gentler Energy Emerges

Slide 27: Sports Drinks Keep It Fresh

Slide 28: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                Trend: Energy-boosted Teas & Coffees

Slide 29: Trend: fairlife

Slide 30: Trend: High-End Energy Drinks

Slide 31: Trend: Extended Release Caffeine

Slide 32: Stage 2—Taking Root

                Trend: Emerging Alternative Stimulants

Slide 33: Trend: Clean Labels

Slide 35: Stage 3—Going Mainstream Trend: Energy Sodas

Slide 37:  Enhanced Bottled Water Trends

Slide 38: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                 Trend: Collagen Protein Water

Slide 39: Trend: Hydrogen & Oxygen-Enhanced Waters

Slide 40: Trend: Chlorophyll Water

Slide 41: Trend: Banana Water

Slide 42: Stage 2—Taking Root

                Trend: Cactus Water

Slide 43: Trend: Maple & Birch Waters

Slide 44: Stage 3—Going Mainstream

                Trend: Alkaline Waters

Slide 45: Trend: Protein Waters

Slide 46: Trend: Sustainable Waters

Slide 49: Juice Trends   

                Table:  Household Consumption Rates for Orange Juice, 2004 vs. 2016

Slide 50: Consumer Influencer: Squeezed

Slide 51: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                Trend: Tech Ramps Up Customization

Slide 52: Stage 2—Taking Root

Slide 53: Deeper Dive: How Much Choice Is Too Much Choice?

Slide 54: Trend: Naturally Functional

Slide 55: Stage 3—Going Mainstream

Slide 56: On Trend: Organic and GMO Juices

Slide 57: Trend: Green Is the New Orange

Slide 58: Game-Changer: HPP Processing

Slide 60: Meal Replacement Beverage Trends

Slide 61: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                Trend: The Soylent Revolution

Slide 62: Trend: Customization and Personalization

Slide 63: Trend: Functionality

Slide 64: Trend: Savory Flavors

Slide 65: Stage 2—Taking Root

                 Drinkable Soups

Slide 66: Stage 3—Going Mainstream

                Trend: Protein Drinks

Slide 68: Soda Trends

Slide 69: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                Trend: Healthy Sodas

Slide 70: Trend: Coffee/Soda Hybrids

Slide 71: Stage 2—Taking Root

                Trend: Premium Soda Fountains

Slide 72: Stage 3—Going Mainstream

                Trend: Craft Soda

Slide 74: Specialty Health Beverages

Slide 75: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                Trend: Bone Broth

Slide 76: Trend: Switchels

Slide 77: Trend: Bitter Melon Beverages

Slide 78: Trend: Hemp-Based Drinks

Slide 79: Trend: Mushroom-Based Drinks

Slide 80: Stage 2—Taking Root

                Trend: Aloe-Based Drinks

Slide 81: Trend: Drinking Vinegars

Slide 82: Trend: Purple Drinks

Slide 83: Trend: Chia-Based Beverages

Slide 84: Stage 3—Going Mainstream

                Trend: Probiotics

Slide 85: Trend: Coffee Fruit Drinks

Slide 87: RTD Tea Trends

Slide 88: Stage 1—Cutting Edge

                Trend: Superfoods Meet Tea: Sencha

Slide 89: Trend: Superfoods Meet Tea: Moringa

Slide 90: Trend: Functional Teas

Slide 92: Trend: Cold Pressed

Slide 93: Stage 2—Taking Root

                Trend: Matcha

Slide 94: Calm, focused energy delivery

Slide 96: Stage 3—Going Mainstream

                Trend: Organic Tea

Slide 97: Trend: Sparkling Tea