Renewable Energy Investment in the U.S.

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Published Nov 1, 2007 | 144 Pages | Pub ID: LA1491352

Renewable Energy Investment in the U.S. is the first research study to focus exclusively on the emerging renewable energy (RE) investment market in the United States, a vast and complex market in the process of rapid evolution. Four primary RE technology sectors are covered: solar power, wind power, biofuels, and fuel cells.

Renewable Energy Investment in the U.S. demystifies the financial complexities surrounding the rapidly evolving RE market and clearly explains the new investment architecture taking shape to support RE—involving a blending of venture capital and private equity firms, banks, brokers, funds, corporations, and governments.

The report explores the new financial vehicles being created to fund RE development—including power purchase agreements, renewable energy credits, and potential carbon markets.

Report Methodology
These report data were obtained from government sources, trade associations and publications, business journals, company literature, investment reports, and blogs in the investor and RE communities.

What You’ll Get in this Report
Purchasers of Renewable Energy Investment in the U.S will come away with a thorough grasp of the primary RE sectors in terms of both technology and investment trends. This report contains several unique features not found anywhere else:

  • It provides five-year estimates (2002-2006) for U.S. RE investment spanning both private and public sector;
  • It provides five-year projections (2007-2011) for U.S. RE investment that take into account the current credit crisis;
  • It offers a provocative take on both the history and future of the RE market; and
  • The current state of RE market competition is described in depth.

How You Will Benefit from this Report
Business purchasers of Renewable Energy Investment in the U.S. will benefit by gaining a clear picture of who is investing in RE, what RE sectors these investors are investing in, and why they are investing.

Investors who purchase this study will realize several benefits, including the following:

  • They are provided with a comprehensive roundup of major RE investment deals that took place in 2006 and first-half 2007;
  • They receive an independent assessment of current RE trends and market drivers;
  • They are presented with a unique “meta-perspective” on the RE investment market itself, featuring snapshots of venture capital firms and RE investor-targeted media companies.

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