U.S. Dads Market: A Unique Profile of Fathers, Their Attitudes, Values and Behavior as Consumers, 2nd Edition

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Dads today are taking on new roles within the household and as consumers. Birthrates remain steady but the role of Dad within the household is changing. This exclusive one-of-a-kind report is the compilation of 3 years worth of research on this quickly growing trend. The report includes over 5 waves of primary research and examines the facts, figures, actions and feelings of Dads today and the opportunities for marketers today.

According to the facts, there are 64 million Dads in the country. Of that group, 15% are first-time Dads. If the numbers and trends hold for the next 20 years, there is expected to be 13 million more children in the U.S. than before. While no one can predict a baby boom, The U.S. Dad's Market: A Unique Profile of Fathers, Their Attitudes, Values and Behavior as Consumers, 2d Edition has put all the pieces together to extract some key market opportunities and insights on the fathers of today.

The U.S. Dad's Market: a Unique Profile of Fathers, Their Attitudes, Values and Behavior as Consumers was prepared by a team of researchers at Silver Stork Research using a wide range of primary and secondary research sources over an 18-month period. Primary research included a web panel of fathers.

Silver Stork Research is a Mom-and- Family-focused research company dedicated to helping businesses understand the Moms and Dads of today and tomorrow via traditional research services, proprietary techniques, Mom market intelligence, and access to a national panel of 5,000+ Moms and families.

Focused on actionable information the report includes a thorough look at the Dad Segment with a solid foundation of market facts and figures to base the opportunity on and then explores the marketing dynamics of the group. While not a simple marketing challenge, the Dad market dynamics are clearly defined in the report and include:
  • Market Details: Size, regions, ethnic trends, etc.
  • Brand Examples: Case studies and examples of marketing to Dads
  • Advertising Strategy insights: Evaluation of a range of ads by Dads
  • Behavioral Analysis: Shopping habits, retail preference, brand relationships and more are explored and clearly explained … and more.
This Dad Report includes extensive information from hundreds of sources as well as dozens of practical, easy-to-read charts, tables and graphs, all of which are thoroughly examined in light of the many dynamic trends at play in this rapidly shifting market.
Overview: Report Author
Silver Stork Research
Executive Summary:
Market Opportunities
Table 1.1: The Marketing 4Ps
Paternal Instincts
Executive Summary:
Market Overview
Market Facts
Dads Today
Dads as Consumers
Table 1.2: Father Involvement and Buying Behavior
Marketing to Dads
Dad Marketing Opportunities
So, What does all of this mean for marketers?
PART 1: The Marketing Opportunity
CHAPTER 1: The Evolution of the Dad Factor
Gender Characteristic
Guys Will Be Guys
What is Relevant for Dads?
Dad Inventions
The Dad Label
How to Describe a Dad
Best Part of Being a Dad
+ Generational Essence
The Next Dads
Dad’s Dreams
+ Modern Woman
Modern Woman
The Betty Friedman & Gloria
Steinem Effect
A Snapshot of Today’s Dad’s
Lifestyle & Activities
Moms & Dads Are Similar...
But Different
A Special Note: Latino and
Hispanic Dads
Chapter Summary
CHAPTER 2: The New Market Opportunity
Table 2.1: Q. What do you worry about most for your child/children?
Table 2.2: Dad Description:
Love It or Hate It?
Table 2.3: Advertising
Table 2.4: Advertising
Table 2.5: Dads & Shopping
Category Opportunities
Table 2.6: What Do Dads
Buy Regularly?
Table 2.7: Primary Purchaser
(Dads vs. Moms)
What Do Dads Say about Food?
Emerging Opportunities
Emerging Opportunities
Table 2.8: Preferred Product
Table 2.9: Preferred Brand
Attributes by Generation
Dad Marketing Case Study:
Spike TV and True Dads
Chapter Summary
Table 2.10: The Marketing 4Ps
CHAPTER 3: The Market
Facts at a Glance
Demographic Data:
Table 3.1: The Numbers of Dads by Type
Table 3.2: Marital, Fertility and Divorce...
Figure 3.1: U.S. Male Population
Trend: 2005-2015
Table 3.4: Profile of U.S. Dads from U.S. Census
Table 3.5: Race & Ethnicity
Head of Household
Figure 3.2: Profile of U.S. Dads
Table 3.6: Total Male Population:
Top 10 States
Table 3.7: Male Population
Estimates for Prime Fatherhood
Years by State
Family Households
Table 3.8: Family Groups by Type and Selected Characteristics 2003
Table 3.9: Family Groups by Type
Figure 3.3a: Average U.S. Family
Figure 3.3b: Number of Children in Household under 18
Work & Family Evolution
Demographic Trends
Married Fathers
Single Fathers
Figure 3.4: Single Fathers by
Marital Status
Gay Fathers
Figure 3.5: Gay & Lesbian
Households with Children
Hispanic Fathers
Figure 3.6: Households with
Children by Race
Figure 3.7: Single Fathers by Marital Status
Fathers as Care-givers
Figure 3.8: Fathers as Childcare
Dad & Their Helpers
The Importance of Fatherhood
CHAPTER 4: Dad’s Today
Beginning Understanding
Dads Day-to-Day
Figure 4.1: Dad Participation in Daily Activities
Table 4.1: Activities Dads Report
Participating in Equally with Partner
Figure 4.2: How Similar Are You to
Your Own Father
Dads on Parenting
Figure 4.3: How Dads Want to
Spend More Time with Children
Figure 4.4: Importance of Select
Attributes of Fatherhood
Items That Are Important to Dads
Table 4.2: What ’s on Your Mind
Most Dads vs. Moms?
Presidential Dads
Table 4.3: Presidential Dads
Dad Activities
Figure 4.5: Special Dad Activities
Figure 4.6: Special Dad Activities
Rewards of Fatherhood:
Figure 4.7: What Dads Enjoy Most
about Being a Dad
The Modern Dad Dilemma
Average Dad ’s Day
CHAPTER 5: Dads as Consumers
Dad Involvement
Figure 5.1: Dad Involvement in Purchase Decisions
Table 5.1: Dad Purchasing
Involvement (by Key
Figure 5.2: How Much Wteekly
Household Shopping
What Dads are Buying
Figure 5.3: How Invovled in
Purchase Decisions (List of Key Categories)
Figure 5.4: What Items Do Dads Shop For?
Consumer Category Trends & Opportunities
Figure 5.5: Categories Purchased in Last 6 Months
Dads & Branding
Figure 5.6: Factors Inuencing
Purchase Decisions
Shopping Differences: Dads vs. Moms
Table 5.2: Importance of Brand/Product Attributes (Dad vs. Moms)
Dads in-Stores
CHAPTER 6: Marketing to Dad
Male Consumers
Table 6.1: Male Media Bias by
Dad Positioning
Table 6.2: Brand Characteristics
Preferences by Involvement
Dads and Advertising
Advertising Hot-Buttons
“Good” Dad Advertising
Ads That Miss the Mark
With Dad
Other Marketing Tactics
Non-Traditional Initiatives
CHAPTER 7: Opportunities
Dad Products
Top 10 Marketing Opportunities
Table of Contents - Continued
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