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Published Mar 1, 2004 | 28 Pages | Pub ID: ML962836

MarketLooks, from, are concise 15-30 page summaries of popular full-length market research reports published by Packaged Facts. This MarketLooks report has been compiled from the following full-length study:

Title: The U.S. Market for Watches and Clocks, 6th Edition
Published: February 2004

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The following is the abstract from the full report:
Selling time, or rather, the watches and clocks that measure it, is a $7.6 billion business. As the economy recovers, watch/clock marketers are feverishly innovating, licensing fashion brands, and styling for every possible taste. Rivals at all levels are realizing that it now takes more than good old fashioned merchandising to stand out from the vast herd of watches. And clock marketers are seeking to break their dependence on the cyclical fortunes of the broader home furnishings category. In Packaged Facts’ new report, The U.S. Market for Watches and Clocks, busy execs will find what they need to defeat the commodity nature of this retail-driven industry: Historical sales, forecasts to 2008, societal and marketing trends, and Simmons demographic data are all presented in Packaged Facts’ unique, well-organized format of in-depth analysis. The strategies of several marketers, from Timex to Rolex, Gillette/Braun to LVMH, are examined in detail.

Packaged Facts has been tracking the U.S. watch market since 1995, and in this, the 6th edition of the report, we broaden the scope to include the market for clocks. This reports covers time-keepers at all levels, from the inexpensive casual watches to high-end, luxury items. Also new to this report are two separate discussions of the sports watch and children’s watch markets.

  1. The Overview
  2. Two Product Categories
  3. Market Size and Composition
  4. Factors in Future Growth
  5. Market Forecast
  6. Watch and Clock Product Trends
  7. The Consumer

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