Pet Population and Ownership Trends in the U.S., 5th Edition

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Published Aug 5, 2021 | 128 Pages | Pub ID: LA16739862
Pet Population and Ownership Trends in the U.S., 5th Edition

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The pet industry has long been considered recession-resistant, and the coronavirus pandemic has proven that point by triggering an unprecedented degree of pet population and pet market sales growth. This report from U.S. pet market research leader Packaged Facts provides an up-to-date overview of pet ownership rates plus a detailed look at pet acquisition trends in the wake of COVID-19 for dogs, cats, and other pets (fish, small mammals, herptiles, and birds).

This fifth edition of Packaged Facts’ Pet Population and Ownership Trends also covers the dog and cat pet owner population in depth, including numerous detailed tables and figures showing historically trended household ownership rates and pet owner demographics across several metrics:
  • by ownership of dogs and/or cats, dogs, cats, and dogs as well as cats
  • by number of dogs or cats owned
  • by age of dogs or cats owned
  • by size (in lbs.) of dogs owned
Discussion also covers the prime growth demographics in dog- or cat-owning households by 10-year and 5-year historical spans, which show significant departures from traditional patterns.

In addition to Packaged Facts’ catalog of pet reports, the information in this report draws on consumer surveys from Packaged Facts and the syndicated consumer database from MRI-Simmons. In addition, figures provided on pets other than dogs or cats cite American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owner Survey data.

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