Pet Grooming, Skin & Coat, and Spa Products and Services in the U.S., 2nd Edition

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Published Apr 16, 2018 | 185 Pages | Pub ID: LA15512273
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Pet Grooming, Skin & Coat, and Spa Products and Services in the U.S., 2nd Edition 

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Across the entire pet industry spectrum, the “pets as family” movement is cause for celebration, but perhaps nowhere is this more the case than in pet grooming and spa services and products. People treating their pets like full-fledged family members has become a societal norm, with Millennials knowing no other way and Boomers coping with empty nests, the upshot being pet owners spending more than ever before and pets spending more time with their owners than ever before. Making sure the pets are clean and well-groomed is an integral part of integrating “furbabies” both into the household, where they often share furniture and sleep in the same bed as their owners, but also into public settings, from dog parks and coffeehouses to retail shopping venues. As service providers, marketers, and retailers wholeheartedly tap in, innovation often tracks fashion trends in human spa products and services right down to the same styles and brands, while also keeping the focus squarely on pet safety. At the same time, as the Internet claims an ever larger share of pet product sales, and pet specialty-type products are increasingly available in mass-market channels, pet specialty retailers large and small are increasing their focus on pet services, and grooming services are almost always front and center.

Packaged Facts’ all-new report Pet Grooming, Skin & Coat, and Spa Products and Services in the U.S., 2nd Edition explores the latest trends in pet grooming, highlighting opportunities in both the services market and the grooming products category. The report analyzes how trends such as humanization, wellness, and pet pampering are driving market innovation, and identifies opportunities for marketers and grooming services operators now and into the future. With a focus on dogs and cats, Pet Grooming, Skin & Coat, and Spa Products and Services in the U.S., 2nd Edition provides market sizing and projections for pet grooming/spa services and product sales within the context of a broader pet market overview. Tracking growth from 2013 through 2021, the report estimates total sales at $2.8 billion, breaking out services and products historical and projected market sales. On the services side, the report examines retail channel trends, trends in add-on services, safety issues, and industry regulation. In the grooming products market, the report analyzes trends in marketing and new products including natural and human-inspired products, as well as retail channel trends and private-label activity. Detailing both services and products, Packaged Facts’ custom Survey of Pet Owners conducted in January and February 2018 provides a unique perspective on grooming services preferences, brand usage, ownership trends, and channel choice available nowhere else.


Pet Grooming, Skin & Coat, and Spa Products and Services in the U.S., 2nd Edition forecasts market size and growth for each category (2018-2021); examines new product activity; surveys retail channel trends; analyzes trends and shifts in the overall pet market impacting the grooming industry; and tabulates pet grooming product sales by channel. Supplementing Packaged Facts’ exclusive Survey of Pet Owners is an analysis of Simmons’ National Consumer Study, which is based on approximately 25,000 adult respondents surveyed annually. The report contains dozens of numerical tables and charts, as well as many photographs of new products, advertising, screen shots, and other images across key channels.


The information in Pet Grooming, Skin & Coat, and Spa Products and Services in the U.S., 2nd Edition was obtained from primary datasets including consumer survey data from Packaged Facts’ own Survey of Pet Owners and from Simmons’ Profile Reports. Other primary research includes on-site examination of retail and service provider venues, attendance at pet industry events including Global Pet Expo 2018, and Internet canvassing including websites and blogs. Secondary research includes information- and data-gathering from retail sales databases, consumer business and trade publications, company profiles, and Packaged Facts’ own extensive pet product research database and report collection.

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