Non-GMO Foods: Global Market Perspective

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Published Oct 9, 2013 | Pub ID: LA5070493
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Non-GMO Foods: Global Market Perspective

The global market for non-GMO foods and beverages, products made without the use of any ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is in a period of intense change. In Europe, consumer rejection of foods made using GMO ingredients has caused many of the leading international food companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, and Coca-Cola to introduce—or be developing—non-GMO versions of their products. Such giant international food manufacturers are eager to please French, Italian, and other European consumers who have made it clear they don’t want GMO ingredients in their food.

At the same time, many of these same companies and other food industry giants, such as Pepsi and General Mills, have contributed millions of dollars either directly or through their trade organization the Grocery Manufacturers Association to the ongoing campaigns in the U.S. to prevent mandatory labeling of foods with GMO ingredients.

Throughout the world, at least 60 countries have adopted some type of labeling that notifies consumers there is some percentage of GMO ingredients present in the product, while around 130 countries have no labeling regulation—at least for the present.

Packaged Facts’ report Non-GMO Foods: Global Market Perspective looks at the evolving situation in the worldwide market for non-GMO foods; the actions being taken by key stakeholders, including consumers, farmers, governments, and non-governmental organizations; as well as the trends and developments of the products themselves. In addition, the report provides an estimate of the global market for non-GMO foods and beverages in 2012 and a projection for 2017.

Scope and Methodology

Non-GMO Foods: Market Perspective covers the market for non-GMO products sold through all types of retail outlets. Market estimates are based on both public and syndicated data sources. Packaged Facts has analyzed available sales and trend data, together with information pertaining to those products that move through unmonitored outlets, to estimate the total non-GMO market size.

Data sources used and/or consulted for market, sales, and consumer estimates include:
  • The USDA’s Economic Research Service, the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization, and other international government and non-governmental organizations
  • Major international food and beverage retailer annual reports for individual retailer sales
Information on new product introductions was derived from examination of the retail milieu and from relevant trade, business, and government sources, including company literature and annual reports.
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