African American Market in the U.S.

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Published Feb 1, 2008 | 262 Pages | Pub ID: LA1475194

This new Packaged Facts report provides an in-depth analysis of the attitudes and behavior of African-American consumers. With a population exceeding 38 million and with buying power projected to exceed $1.1 trillion in 2012, African Americans remain a crucial part of the American consumer economy.

The report highlights the shopping, spending and leisure-time habits of an African-American market segment of particular interest to marketers—the 2.4 million affluent African-American households with a household income of $75,000 or more. With an average annual income of $122,000, affluent African-American households account for only 17% of all African-American households but control 45% of total buying power in the African-American market. The report shows that affluent African Americans can be even more likely than other affluent consumers to spend money on luxury items such as cruise-ship vacations, new cars and designer clothes.

The first section of the report begins with an overview of key trends shaping the African-American market and highlights the opportunities available to companies active in the market. The report continues with an assessment of the buying power of African Americans, an analysis of the demographic profile of the African-American population and an assessment of social and economic trends affecting African Americans today and in the future.

The next section of the report provides a comprehensive analysis of the African-American consumer. There are separate chapters on how African Americans spend their leisure time and how they spend money. Another chapter analyzes key aspects of African-American consumer behavior across a variety of areas, including fashion, automotive, food at home, health and pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. The report also includes a chapter on the media usage habits of African Americans.

The last section of the report focuses on affluent African Americans. It includes a chapter that profiles their demographic characteristics and core values and analyzes key aspects of their consumer behavior, including personal financial management, shopping behavior, spending patterns and leisure-time activities. The final chapter identifies the metro markets offering the most lucrative prospects for marketers targeting African-American consumers.

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