Plant-Based & Cell-Cultured Seafood May Solve the Environmental Problems of the Seafood Industry

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Oct 26, 2022

ROCKVILLE, Md.October 26, 2022  -- Seafood has long been plagued by a number of issues, including sustainability and food safety.

Overfishing and fishing methods that are harmful to the environment have led to depleted stocks and affect the whole ocean ecosystem. Earlier this month, Alaska Public Media reported that king and snow crab seasons have been canceled this year due to significant population declines.

Many consumers have concerns about fresh fish sources, regardless of supply levels. Common concerns run from animal welfare (non-targeted animals such as dolphins, whales, turtles, and birds becoming entangled in fishing nets) to environmental (aquaculture sometimes faces claims of habitat destruction and wasteful use of vital fresh water sources). Increasingly, consumers are concerned about the effect of environmental contaminants on humans, as mercury, pesticides, and microplastics are present in water and readily absorbed through aquatic animals’ skins and via their own food.

Still, many consumers enjoy the taste of seafood and seek to have the health benefits of seafood incorporated into their diet. The food industry, however, has presented alternatives: one near term (plant-based seafood) and one long-term (cell-cultured or cultivated seafood).

According to a recent article published by the Guardian, cell-cultured seafood products (which are made in a lab or factory using cells or proteins from real animals, but they are not directly harvested from animals) may be able to solve these problems. However, cell-cultured seafood products are not yet available on the U.S. market even though many startups around the world have received funding and are developing cell-cultured seafood products. Though these cultivated seafood products face many hurdles going forward such as high cost of production and regulatory uncertainty, they will undoubtedly taste like conventional seafood and have a similar texture.

Packaged Facts’ August 2022 National Online Consumer Survey finds that 24% of consumers report being open to trying cultivated seafood. These results indicate that, even before these products are available, there is significant interest in them and a large potential market once barriers such as cost and availability are removed.

For now, plant-based seafood products are the only direct substitute available for conventional seafood. While these products have yet to achieve a texture and taste much like conventional seafood, each generation of product developments will inch closer.

According to Packaged Facts’ new report Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Alternatives: Plant-Based and Cell-Cultured Types, plant-based seafood – still a niche in the plant-based foods market – is seeing rapid growth with the current market expected to triple before 2027 as new products from big and small suppliers come on the market.

Additionally, Packaged Facts analyst Cara Rasch says, “Compared to other plant-based meat products, the motivations behind adopting alternative seafood products are not so much about improving the health profile of the original food. They are more about environmental trends -- especially overfishing -- and providing additional flavor/product options to vegetarians, vegans, or people who cannot otherwise eat seafood, as fish and shellfish allergies are relatively common.”

For more information, see Packaged Facts’ new report Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Alternatives: Plant-Based and Cell-Cultured Types.

This report analyzes the dynamics of the current landscape of the plant-based meat, poultry, and seafood alternatives market. Consumer demographics, perceptions, motivations, and behavior are examined as pertaining to dietary choices and consumption of plant-based meat, poultry, and seafood alternatives. Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumers are also analyzed (in a broad sense), including in the context of plant-based meat alternatives.

Market forecasts for the retail plant-based meat alternatives market from 2022 to 2027 and 2032 include breakouts by meat type (beef, chicken, pork, seafood, turkey, fruit and vegetable non-analogs, non-specified meats, and other meat types), meat form, and storage method (refrigerated, frozen, or shelf-stable).

This report also provides foodservice market estimates for plant-based meat alternatives by meat type from 2022 to 2027 and 2032.

Additionally, projections for the cultivated (or cell-based, cultured, clean, slaughter-free, etc.) meat market are made to assess the potential for these products in 2027, 2032, 2037, and 2042.

The reasons for, and implications of, shifts in consumer perception and behavior are analyzed in the context of present and future market opportunities.

Additionally, the report has dozens of tables showcasing numerical survey data on consumer demographics and psychographics and numerous marketing photographs. This report goes in-depth on COVID-19 trends affecting the food and beverage market.

For more information see the Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Alternatives: Plant-Based and Cell-Cultured Types report page.

Particular attention is dedicated to the market impact of e-commerce and the coronavirus pandemic.

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