Consumer and Corporate Food Gifting Market Rises to $33 Billion

Press Release
Mar 4, 2022

ROCKVILLE MD, March 4, 2022 -- The U.S. food and beverage industry has been impacted heavily by COVID-19. In 2020 and 2021, more people were staying at home and not gathering as much in person. Food gifts have been a good gift to send directly to people who are staying at home because they are practical, easy to ship, comforting, and a good way to send treats to someone who cannot be visited in person. Corporate gifting has also increased rapidly during the pandemic as more employers have canceled in-person holiday parties and work events. Food gifts can be sent directly to remote workers to show appreciation and spread joy.

In 2021, consumer and corporate food gift sales reached $33 billion on the strength of pandemic trends as reported by Packaged Facts' new report Consumer and Corporate Food Gifting in the U.S.

Food gifts are defined as food items that are packaged in a way that is suitable for gifting. Food gifts must be purchased; a food item prepared at home and given to someone as a gift is not included in this market.

The food gifting market includes food gifts ranging from baskets of treats to eat while watching football to food gift baskets given to people on Christmas or birthdays. Food gifts can be purchased for any occasion or no occasion, for someone else or for oneself. While some food gifts, particularly assortments, may include beverages such as coffee or alcohol, those products as standalone gifts are excluded from this report (e.g., a single bottle of wine given as a gift and selected by the buyer). Food baskets refer to prepackaged assortments of foods and beverages, not consumer-assembled baskets of these items.

There are many prepackaged food gifts available in the marketplace. These include:

  • Boxed chocolates/candies
  • Cheese assortments
  • Coffee/tea/hot chocolate gifts
  • Cooking condiment sets
  • Food baskets/assortments
  • Fruit baskets/gifts
  • Gift baskets or packages with wine or other alcoholic beverages
  • International/imported food gifts
  • Meat/deli/seafood food gifts
  • Nut/salty snack food gifts
  • Popcorn tins/gifts
  • Sweet baked food gifts
  • Sweet condiment sets
  • S. regional or souvenir food gifts
  • Other food gifts, such as meal kits or prepackaged meals


Packaged Facts projects that sales in this market will decelerate over the next five years, although the pandemic boom in 2020 and 2021 will affect the market for years to come.

For more information see the Consumer and Corporate Food Gifting in the U.S. report page. This report analyzes current retail sales, projects future sales, and examines trends across the U.S. market for food gifts, considering the current and longer-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Particular attention is dedicated to the market impact of e-commerce and the coronavirus pandemic.

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