60% of U.S. Adults Have Purchased Via Amazon in Past 3 Months, reports Packaged Facts

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Sep 12, 2017
The e-commerce empire is catching up to competitor Walmart due to its numerous ways to keep consumers spending—ranging from Amazon Prime to Amazon Visa to Kindle apps to Fire TV and more

Rockville (MD), September 12, 2017 — New survey data featured in the recently published report Amazon Strategies and the Amazon Shopper by market research firm Packaged Facts reveal that 60% of U.S. adults have made a purchase via Amazon in the past three months.

Among major retailers, Walmart maintains its place as the purchase destination of choice, but Amazon is breathing down its neck. If usage growth rates for each retailer stay the same, Amazon will pass Walmart in just one more year, forecasts Packaged Facts.

“Amazon utilizes numerous strategies to broaden its reach into U.S. homes and wallets, including segmenting subscriptions, broadening and deepening retail categories, entering social media, and leveraging digital assistants,” says David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts.

In the report, Packaged Facts estimates that more than 80 million U.S. adults are members of the company’s Amazon Prime subscription service. But beyond Amazon Prime membership, consumers spend money via Amazon in a variety of ways: for example, tens of millions of American adults use Amazon Kindle e-readers and/or use its mobile app. Amazon’s reach also extends to consumers’ wallets, with tens of millions of adults claiming to have an Amazon Visa card and a similar number having its store-only card.

In addition, Echo and Alexa are tapped by 20 million. Likewise almost 19 million have used Subscribe & Save. While penetration of Amazon Fire TV lags that of Roku, it is ahead of Google Chromecast and Apple TV. With 25% usage penetration, Pandora holds a wide lead among streaming music services, with all competitors under 10% penetration. Amazon Prime Music is fifth, ahead of Google Pay and behind Apple Music.

As for which U.S. consumers are most likely to shop via Amazon, the report pinpoints demographic drivers including 25-44s with $100K+ HH incomes, who are 48% more likely than the average Amazon user to have ordered from it in the past three months; urban dwellers with $100K+ HH incomes (40% more likely); and married/partnered users with $100K+ HH (40% more likely).

About The Report

This Packaged Facts report, Amazon Strategies and the Amazon Shopper, focuses on Amazon consumer usage and engagement trends and related consumer usage and engagement strategies, as well as Amazon’s competitive positioning over time. Focusing on Amazon products and services engagement over time, analysis includes portraits of the Amazon shopper, the Amazon media user, and the Amazon Prime member; as well as Amazon's numerous strategies to broaden its reach into U.S. homes and wallets, including segmented subscriptions, penetrating and deepening retail categories, expanding Alexa’s reach, moving into social media and multi-channel initiatives. Much attention is given to Amazon Prime, its relationship to the consumer, and the ways it is leveraged to drive engagement and increase sales.

The report includes three key sections:

  • Amazon Category Analysis: Grocery - This section focuses on online grocery purchasing trends over time to assess purchase channel (i.e. online and in-store) shifts and preferences according to major retailer and retailer channel, considering Amazon’s foray into the online grocery market.

  • Amazon Category Analysis: Pet Products and Supplies - This section analyses Amazon Subscribe & Save, Amazon Fresh, and other features and services as they relate to the company’s approach to the pet product category.

  • Amazon Category Analysis: Financial Services -This section focuses on Amazon financial services and payments consumer usage and engagement trends and related consumer usage and engagement strategies, as well as Amazon’s competitive positioning over time. It also assesses future opportunities and ramifications related to its current financial services and payments products as well as those in development. Much attention is paid to the Amazon loyalty and value proposition, its relationship to these financial services and payments products, and their mutual relationship to Amazon Prime.

View additional information about Amazon Strategies and the Amazon Shopper, including purchase options, the abstract, table of contents, and related reports at Packaged Facts’ website: https://www.packagedfacts.com/Amazon-Shopper-11010740/.

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