What We’re Reading: “Amazon Gets Serious About Meal Kits And Partners With Martha Stewart”

Press Release
Apr 10, 2017
Amazon Fresh forged an interesting relationship with Tyson and launched Tyson Tastemakers ready-to-cook meals in the fall of 2016. Now they announced a deal where Martha Stewart’s meal kits which are prepared by Marley Spoon that will also be made available to Amazon Fresh's customers in New York, San Francisco, Dallas and Philadelphia.

Amazon Fresh putting a stake in the ground in this category is important for a variety of reasons.

This industry is so big that the U.S. meal kit delivery market is on track to report approximately $1.5 billion in sales this past year and grow to a multi-billion-dollar market (some reports peg it to as much as $5 billion) over the next five years, that according to research publisher Packaged Facts' recent report, Meal Kit Delivery Services in the U.S.

Read the full Forbes article at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/phillempert/2017/03/15/amazon-gets-serious-about-meal-kits-and-partners-with-martha-stewart/#766c6ea53076.

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