Sales of Butter Up 32% -- Fats and Oils Experience New Healthy Growth

Press Release
Mar 7, 2002

New York, March 7/PRNewswire – According to The Changing Face of Edible Fats and Cooking Oils, a newly published Packaged Facts report available at, retail sales of butter increased 32% from 1999 to 2000. Despite the recent growth of the butter category and negative publicity about the product’s transfatty acids, margarine still outsells butter in the marketplace. Margarine and spreads account for 28% of the total sales of edible fats and cooking oils, while butter still only accounts for 24%.

Olive oil is also making news with its explosive growth and consumers now regard it as the “healthy oil” that is good for the heart. The number of Americans who use olive oil for everything from dipping to cooking has doubled in the past ten years, according to the report, and almost 29% of Americans purchased olive oil in 1999.

The overall attitude toward fat in the United States has also changed in recent years as consumers have become increasingly aware of their nutritional needs. “Americans are coming out of the ‘fear of fat’ trend of the late 90’s and have come to see that fat is a necessary part of a healthy diet,” said Meg Hargreaves, VP of Research Publishing for “Products like olive oil and spreads with nutraceutical benefits, such as added calcium and vitamin E, are a healthy way to get the fat that our bodies need.”

The Changing Face of Edible Fats and Cooking Oils provides detailed information about consumer demographics, as well as distribution and marketing trends, product development, and emerging promotional campaigns. The report also includes historical sales data, as well as market projections through the year 2005.

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