Number of newlyweds in the U.S. predicted to rise 2% by 2006 to reach market potential of $272 billion

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Jan 21, 2002

New York, January 21/PRNewswire – The after-tax income of the engaged and newlywed population of the U.S. reached $229.5 billion in 2001, an 11.2% increase from 1997, according to The U.S. Marriage Market: The Engaged and Newlyweds as Consumers of Household Goods, a new research report published by Packaged Facts and available through As the size of the Marriage Market grows over the coming years, the income of this enormously important consumer demographic is expected to hit nearly $272 billion by 2006. The U.S. Marriage Market explores in detail both the trends that will contribute to this market expansion, and the effect that a growing market will have on key players.

Newlyweds and the engaged are among the nation’s largest consumers of major appliances, furniture, and consumer electronics, as well as tableware, linens, small appliances, and cookware, often obtaining these items as wedding presents selected through a registry. Household goods represent up to ninety percent of the registry business, and nearly 93% of engaged couples register their wedding gift choices, with 95% of future grooms taking part in the registration process.

“Not only are greater numbers of people getting engaged and married in the United States, but they are also registering for more gifts and at multiple stores,” said Meg Hargreaves, VP of Research Publishing for “The population of engaged and recently married couples represents a significant and growing opportunity to retailers.”

The U.S. Marriage Market: The Engaged and Newlyweds as Consumers of Household Goods provides comprehensive demographic profiles of engaged or recently married U.S. consumers, along with market size estimates and trend projections.

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