Active Senior Population on the Rise; Will Comprise 11% of Americans by 2025

Press Release
Jan 2, 2002

According to The U.S. Active Seniors Market, a new market research study published by Packaged Facts and released by, the number of “active senior” Americans -- those aged 65 to 74 -- topped 18 million in 2001. As active and healthy baby boomers and “pre-boomers” age, the percentage of the American population over 64 will grow exponentially, forcing marketers to pay more attention to the wants and needs of an enormous older population.

Today’s seniors are livelier than any generation before them and show no signs of slowing down as they move through their early seventies. The U.S. Active Seniors Market states that more and more older Americans are opting to work into their retirement, and many are taking up new hobbies, traveling and volunteering well into their golden years. Seniors are also the second fastest growing group of Internet users behind teens, with 18% of online seniors having gained Internet access in the last six months.

“This report clearly shows that seniors are enjoying some of the best years of their lives,” said Meg Hargreaves, VP of Research Publishing for “These older Americans are now free of mortgage payments and child care costs, and are spending their time and money on those things that mean the most to them, such as travel and dining out.”

Information as to how older consumers are spending their money and what message they respond to is crucial to marketers targeting this extremely affluent and independent demographic. The U.S. Active Seniors Market provides market data and analysis on the consumer demographic, including advertising and promotion trends relating to marketers targeting active seniors.

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