Oct. 22 - Progressive Grocer features research from The New Healthful: Culinary Trend Mapping Report

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Oct 22, 2012

A recent report published by Packaged Facts in partnership with CCD Innovation is the subject of an article in Progressive Grocer, which discusses how the idea of "healthful" food is evolving. This reports looks at foods that take the "healthful" label to new levels: foods made with purer, more wholesome raw ingredients, as well as those sourced from plants; foods that are lighter on the earth and created with sustainability in mind. Many are found in natural food and vegetarian restaurants. The study details how restaurant chains and manufacturers can tackle this new sort of healthful. Have you tried heirloom whole-grain bread? How about beans or greens for breakfast? These are just two of the up-and-coming new "healthful" trends highlighted and analyzed in The New Healthful: Culinary Trend Mapping Report.

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