Food Processing’s 2012 Food Industry Outlook (January 2012) quotes Packaged Facts publisher David Sprinkle on consumer demand for healthy fats and oils

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Jan 3, 2012

Packaged Facts' publisher David Sprinkle is quoted in Food Processing's Industry Outlook about consumers’ growing interest in healthy fats and oils, even during tough economic times. According to Packaged Facts, fat and oil products are a huge and growing market, with 2011 sales of $9.2 billion projected to near $10.6 billion by 2016. Research supporting the important role of specific types of fat in maintaining health has caused many consumers to rethink the role that fats and oils play in their diets, and marketers have responded by offering an increasing number of products squarely targeting those seeking healthy options. While value is still one of the primary drivers of purchases of fats and oils, with private-label products dominating in a few key categories, the economy has recovered to the extent that consumers are once again making health and convenience budgetary priorities.

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