The Yogurt Market and Yogurt Innovation, 2nd Edition

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The Yogurt Market and Yogurt Innovation, 2nd Edition

If only the Greek economy could mirror the power of Greek yogurt. For nearly a decade, Greek and Greek-style yogurt has been the driving force behind growth in the yogurt and yogurt drink market in the US. Today Greek yogurt commands a 50% share of the yogurt market in this country, a remarkable rise since 2007, when the products were a niche category within the overall market. Today consumers are hard-pressed to find traditional yogurt products on supermarket shelves.

And that has left producers of traditional yogurt scrambling.

The Yogurt Market and Yogurt Innovation, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive review of the industry market both in the United States and around the world. Trends propelling industry growth are reviewed, and readers will learn about brands that are making strong showings. Also discussed are: brands which are gaining quickly in the share of the market, diversity in yogurt products, demographics and psychographics of the yogurt consumer, and information on those consumers’ purchasing habits. The report also details new ways in which companies are engaging with consumes and connecting with them in order to encourage further sales.

To allow for easy comparisons, the report divides the market by product type, sales channels and global regions. It provides sales figures for several past years and gives projected sales through 2019. Market size, drivers and trends and sales tracking dates is collected from IRI, and SPINScan, while menu trends are from Datassential MenuTrends. Packaged Facts provides data gathered from proprietary online surveys, while Simmons data assists with new product trends and national consumer survey data. Detailed profiles of such companies as Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani, and FAGE are included.

Report Methodology

Both primary and secondary research was used to compile this report. The primary research included consultations with yogurt market insiders, on-site examination of retail venues, and reviews of surveys focusing on yogurt consumer insights.

The sales estimates that are included in the report are based upon data from the previously listed sources as well are IRI data from mass-market channels such as supermarkets, drugstores and mass merchandisers (with the notable exception of Wal-Mart). SPINScan provided data from natural supermarkets, and data was also reviewed from published and estimated sales for major market participants. The report included market size estimates from additional sources such as trade press data, performance of relevant retail venues, consumer usage rates for various yogurt products, and new product introductions in various markets.

The consumer analysis in the report comes primarily from the national consumer survey date from Simmons National Consumer Study and from Packaged Facts online consumer surveys. The Simmons study is an ongoing program of telephone and written surveys that sample a large group of consumers who represent a statistically accurate cross-section of the U.S. population. Through the study, Simmons constructs detailed profiles of consumer product and service markets, including the yogurt markets. The Packaged Facts surveys – including the Yogurt Consumer Surveys of July/August 2014 and February/March 2013 - are based on 2,000 U.S. adults per survey and are representative of the primary demographic measure of age, gender, region, ethnicity, and presence of children in the household.
Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Scope of Report
Report Methodology
Size and Growth of the Market
Yogurt Sales Continue Rising
Table 1-1 U.S. Sales of Yogurt, 2009-2014 (in millions of dollars)
More Yogurt Sales on the Horizon
Table 1-2 Projected U.S. Sales of Yogurt, 2015-2019 (in millions of dollars)
Grocery Dominates Yogurt Sales
Table 1-3 Share of U.S. Sales of Yogurt by Channel, 2014 (percent)
Top Channels by Consumer Purchasing Rates
Table 1-4 Where Yogurt Is Usually Purchased, 2013 vs. 2104 (percent)
IRI-tracked Sales Shows Steady Dollar Growth
Table 1-5 IRI-Tracked Sales of Yogurt & Yogurt Drinks, 2014
Greek Yogurt Moves Above the 50% Mark
Refrigerated Yogurt: One of Supermarket Channel’s Biggest Categories
Table 1-6 Biggest Categories by Dollar Sales, 2014
Market Share Concentrated
Challengers Take on Chobani
Yogurt’s Impact on Other Categories
Yogurt Attracts Attention of Big Foodservice Players
Yogurt Brands Among Biggest New Product Introductions
Product and Packaging Trends Keep Industry Fresh
Yogurt Continues Cross-Category Invasion
The U.S. Competitive Landscape
The Global Landscape
Yogurt’s Penetration Holds Steady
Table 1-7 2014 Yogurt Usage by Gender (percent)
Breakfast Leads, Snacking Increases, Variety Sought
Chapter 2: Market Trends
Yogurt Sales Rise to $8.9 billion
Table 2-1 U.S. Sales of Yogurt, 2009-2014 (in millions of dollars)
Yogurt Sales per Capita
Figure 2-1 U.S. Per Capita Yogurt Consumption, 1975-2013 (Number in Pounds)
A Multi-Channel Presence
Table 2-2 Share of U.S. Sales of Yogurt by Channel, 2014 (percent)
Location Preferences: Grocery Stores on Top, But Others Gain Ground
Table 2-3 Consumers’ Response to Question about Yogurt Purchases: Where do you usually buy yogurt? (Multiple answers allowed)
IRI-tracked Sales Shows Steady Dollar Growth
Table 2-4 IRI-Tracked Sales of Yogurt & Yogurt Drinks, 2014
Yogurt-Coated Snacks Leading Other Yogurt Categories
Table 2-5 IRI-Tracked Sales of Other Yogurt Products, 2014
Greek Yogurt Moves Above the 50% Mark
Table 2-6 Greek Yogurt Dollar Sales and Share, 2013-2014
Table 2-7 Greek Yogurt Unit Sales and Share, 2013-2014
Greek Yogurt Growth Slows
Natural Foods Channel Sees Strong Growth in All Categories
Table 2-8 Sales of Yogurt in Natural Foods Channel, 2013-2014
Specialty Gourmet Channel Sees Sales Increases
Table 2-9 Sales of Yogurt in Specialty Gourmet Channel, 2013-2014
Refrigerated Yogurt Competes Across Supermarket Aisles
Table 2-10 Biggest Categories by Dollar Sales, 2014
Table 2-11 Biggest Categories by Unit Sales, 2014
Refrigerated Yogurt Adds Most Units Among Top Categories
Table 2-12 Change in Dollar & Unit Sales Among Top Food & Beverage Categories, 2014
Competitive Landscape
Market Share Concentrated
Table 2-13 Top Marketers of Yogurt and Yogurt Drinks at Food, Drug and Mass Merchandisers, 2014
Mainstream Channels: Dannon Surpasses Yoplait in Refrigerated
Table 2-14 Top Marketers of Refrigerated Yogurt, 2014
Table 2-15 Fast Growing Brands of Refrigerated Yogurt, 2014
Danone Leads in Yogurt Drinks
Table 2-16 Top Marketers of Yogurt Drinks, 2014
Table 2-17 Fast Growing Yogurt Drinks, 2014
Challengers Take on Chobani
Table 2-18 Greek Yogurt by Dollar Share, 2014 vs. 2013
Table 2-19 Greek Yogurt by Unit Share, 2014
Top Marketers of Frozen Yogurt
Private Label Lags Overall Categories
Table 2-20 Private Label Sales, 2014
Illustration 2-1 Purple Cow Blended Yogurt
Looking Ahead
More Yogurt Sales on the Horizon
Table 2-21 Projected U.S. Sales of Yogurt, 2015-2019 (in millions of dollars)
Chapter 3: Innovation and Cross-Category Applications
Innovation and Cross-Category Applications
Yogurt’s Impact Felt Across Supermarket
Frozen Yogurt Still Innovating
Illustration 3-1 Turkey Hill Limited Edition Greek Frozen Yogurt Baklava
Foodservice Menu Trends for Yogurt
Table 3-1 Yogurt on the Menu: Restaurant Penetration, by Segment, 2014
Table 3-2 Yogurt on the Menu: Restaurant Penetration Growth, 2010-2014
Table 3-3 Yogurt on the Menu: Penetration, by Restaurant Cuisine Specialty, 2014
Table 3-4 Greek Yogurt on the Menu: Penetration, by Restaurant
Cuisine Specialty, 2014
Table 3-5 Greek Yogurt on the Menu: Penetration, by Restaurant Cuisine Specialty, 2014
Table 3-6 Yogurt on the Menu: Distribution by Menu, 2014
Table 3-7 Greek Yogurt on the Menu: Distribution by Menu, 2014
Yogurt Makers Test Restaurant Concepts
Yogurt Dominates IRI’s New Product Pacesetters List
Yogurt Innovators Win Awards
Product Trends
Flavor Favorites
Tropical Flavors
Yogurt as Dessert/Snack
Illustration 3-2 Lakeview Farms’ Greek Yogurt & Gel Parfait
Limited Edition Yogurts
Savory Flavors
Illustration 3-3 Blue Hill’s Beet Flavor Yogurt
Illustration 3-4 Alpina Greek with Artisan Granolas – Plain with Crunchy Superfoods Granola
Illustration 3-5 Dreaming Cow’s Grass-Fed Yogurt
100-Calorie Cups
Whole Milk Yogurt
Illustration 3-6 Wallaby Yogurt’s Whole Milk Blended Greek Yogurt
Yogurt for Men
Beyond Greek
Packaging Trends
Stand-Up Pouches
Illustration 3-7 Stonyfield Farm and Happy Family (Happy Baby) Co-Branded Stand-Up Pouches
Edible Packaging
Illustration 3-8 Stonyfield Farm’s Frozen Yogurt Pearls
Color-Changing Graphics
Illustration 3-9 Screenshot from Ad for Go-Gurt Minions Color-Changing Tubes
Indulgence-Focused Packaging
Illustration 3-10 Danone Yogurt in Mars-Branded Packaging
Packaging for Men
Illustration 3-11 Danone Yogurt in Mars-Branded Packaging
Eat It or Drink It?
Illustration 3-12 Danoontje Schudden Maar (Shake It!)
Character-Shaped Packaging
Illustration 3-13 Screenshot from Actimel for Kids Ad
Cross-Category Applications: Yogurt in Other Categories
Protein Bars
Illustration 3-14 Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Protein Bar
Meal Bars
Illustration 3-15 Fiber One’s Strawberry Greek Yogurt Meal Bar
Protein Drinks
Baked Goods
Illustration 3-16 Hostess Greek Yogurt Cupcakes
Granola Bars
Breakfast Cereal
Illustration 3-17 YoCrunch Cereal Bowl with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
Body Wash, Soaps and Moisturizers
Illustration 3-18 Screenshot from Dial Frozen Yogurt Body Wash Ad
Salad Dressing
Illustration 3-19 Bolthouse Farms’ New Yogurt Dressing in Mango Chipotle
Illustration 3-20 Litehouse OPA! Feta Dill Greek Yogurt Dressing
Baby Food
Dips and Spreads
Illustration 3-21 Sabra’s Greek yogurt dip line
Illustration 3-22 YoCrunch Yopa! Spicy Three Pepper Greek Yogurt Dip
with Pita Chips
Illustration 3-23 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market’s Breakfast Parfait
Spoonable Greek Kefir
Greek Yogurt Guacamole
Illustration 3-24 Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Chunky Made Guacamole
with Greek Yogurt
Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese
Cream Cheese
Illustration 3-25 Franklin Foods’ Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream
Greek Yogurt Butter
Illustration 3-26 Dutch Farms’ Greek Yogurt Butter
Lollipops and Chocolate
Illustration 3-27 Screenshot from Yollies’ ad
Yogurt Supplements for Children
Illustration 3-28 Vitamin Friends’ ProbaYo Supplements
Pet Food and Treats
Illustration 3-29 Fruitables Greek Dog Treats
Chapter 4: The U.S. Market: Marketer Profiles
Chobani, Inc.
Illustration 4-1 Chobani’s Sponsored Content on The Onion
The Dannon Company
Illustration 4-2 Screenshot from Danimals SuperStars(aka Danimals Greek) iTunes App
Illustration 4-3 Oikos Bromance website
Illustration 4-4 Screenshot from Activia Ad Starring Shakira
Fage USA
Illustration 4-5 Screenshot of Fage Total’s Fill the Fridge Challenge
The Hain Celestial Group
Johanna Foods
Illustration 4-6 La Chocolãt’s “On the Bottoms” Flavors
Müller Quaker Dairy
Illustration 4-7 Müller FrütUp Limited-Edition Summer Pack at Costco
Illustration 4-8 Müller Promotion Through Kroger
Stonyfield Farm Inc.
Illustration 4-9 Disney On Ice Frozen “In Summer” Sweepstakes
Sun Valley Dairy Inc.
Illustration 4-10 Screenshot of Voskos TV spot
Illustration 4-11 YoCrunch Yopa! TV spot
General Mills (Yoplait USA Inc.)
Illustration 4-12 Yoplait Light Offer
Illustration 4-13 Screenshot from Yoplait Greek Taste-off in St. Louis
Illustration 4-14 Yoplait Go-Gurt and Muppets Most Wanted
Chapter 5: The Global Market
The Global Market: Overview and New Products
Yogurt Sales at $76 Billion Worldwide
Table 5-1 Share of Yogurt Sales by Region, 2014 (percent)
New Products and Trends Around the World
Illustration 5-1 Coupon for new Anchor Uno yoghurt
Illustration 5-2 Emmi Jogurtpur Print Ad
Illustration 5-3 The Collective’s Suckies brand
Illustration 5-4 Zott Sahne Joghurt Balance Limited Edition Winter Variety in Baked Apple
North America
Illustration 5-5 Screenshot of Slingshot home page
Illustration 5-6 Ehrmann MIXIM Social Media Promotion
South America
Illustration 5-7 Bonlac’s Digestive yogurt line in Panama
Global Marketer Profiles
Alpina Productos Alimenticios SA
Arla Foods
Ehrmann AG
Fage International S.A.
Illustration 5-8 Screenshot from Fage Fruyo TV spot
Fonterra Co-operative Group
Groupe Lactalis
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.
Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller
Nestlé SA
Illustration 5-9 Screenshot from Nestle Brazil’s Chamyto website
Royal FrieslandCampina
Yoplait S.A.S
Yakult Honsha Co Ltd
Zott GmbH & Co KG
Chapter 6: The Consumer
Note on Simmons and Packaged Facts Surveys
Yogurt Percentage Usage Holds Steady
Table 6-1 Yogurt Usage, 2008-2014 (Number in Thousands & Percent)
Table 6-2 2014 Yogurt Usage, By Gender (percent)
Per Capita Consumption
Figure 6-1 U.S. Per Capita Yogurt Consumption, 1975-2013(Number in Pounds)
Do Women Really Like Yogurt More?
How About a Yogurt for Men?
Location Preferences: Grocery Stores on Top, But Others Gain Ground
Table 6-3 Consumers’ Response to Question about Yogurt Purchases: Where do you usually buy yogurt? (Multiple answers allowed)
Breakfast Daypart Accounts for Half of Consumption Occasions
Illustration 6-1 Screenshot from Yoplait Swapportunity TV Spot
Illustration 6-2 Screenshot from Yoplait’s Swap One a Week Promotion
Table 6-4 Consumers’ Response to Question about Yogurt Consumption: What time of day do you usually consume yogurt products? (multiple answers allowed)
Yogurt Consumption by Type
Table 6-5 Yogurt Consumption Overall and by Type, 2008-2014 (Number in Thousands & Percent)
Table 6-6 Demographics of Adult Yogurt Consumers by Type Consumed, 2014 (Index)
Yogurt Consumption by Form
Table 6-7 Forms of Yogurt Consumed, 2014 (Percentage of Yogurt Users) .. 184
Table 6-8 Demographics of Adult Yogurt Consumers by Form Consumed, 2014 (Index)
Popular Yogurt Additions
Table 6-9 Kinds of Yogurt Consumed, 2008-2014 (Number in Thousands & Percent)
Table 6-10 Types of yogurt purchased, Non-Greek vs. Greek
Table 6-11 Demographics of Adult Yogurt Consumers by Kind Consumed, 2014 (Index)
Variety and New Product Purchase Habits
Table 6-12 Primary Reasons for Trying a New Brand of Yogurt, 2014 (percent)
Where Do You Eat Yogurt?
Table 6-13 Where Yogurt is Consumed, 2014 (percent)
Going for Greek
Table 6-14 Greek Yogurt Usage 2013-2014, Overall and By Gender(percent)
Table 6-15 Consumers Who’ve Bought Greek Yogurt in Last 30 Days,2013 vs. 2014: What are the main reasons you buy Greek yogurt over other kinds of yogurt? (percent)
Yogurt from Other Countries
Table 6-16 Types of Yogurt or Cultured Dairy Products from Other Countries Bought Within the last 30 Days, 2013 vs. 2014 (percent)
Usage and Appeal of Cross-Category Yogurt Applications
Table 6-17 Percentage of Customers Who Have Bought the Following Yogurt-Flavored or Yogurt-Containing Products, 2013 vs. 2014
Brand Preferences
Table 6-18 Yogurt Brand Consumption Trends, 2008-2014 (percent)
Table 6-19 Sub-brand Consumption Patterns (percent)
Consumer Demographics
Table 6-20 Demographics of Adult Yogurt Consumers by Brand, 2014 (Index)
Consumer Psychographics
Table 6-21 Yogurt Consumer Attitudes About Diet & Health, 2014 (Index)
Table 6-22 Yogurt Consumer Attitudes About Food, 2014 (Index)
Table 6-23 Yogurt Consumer Attitudes About Shopping, 2014 (Index)
Organic Yogurt
Table 6-24 Organic Product Usage, 2014
Table 6-25 Demographics of Adult Organic Yogurt Consumers, 2014 (Index)